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Alright…alright…I am just going to say it.


If you have big dreams that you have had for longer than a year and still nothing has happened to make them a reality, you are not building anything.  You are just wishing.


I’m sorry.  I do not want to upset you or make you mad, but I also don’t want to lie to you either.


You see, for a long time, that was me.


I wanted to start my own business. I wanted to create an online business and be a coach and thought leader.


For years.


But for some reason, it never happened.  Here is the reason:

I was guilty of just saying words in the air.  I was wishing for a business and not really doing anything to make it become a reality.  I was not changing my behavior to make my wants become real.


So, I sat in my (then) corporate job, mad at myself.


Why? All I had to do was get started.  Simple as that.  But somehow, I had managed to convince myself that it I just thought about it enough, I was building.


Nope. Thus, the Mindset for Today.  Stop Wishing, Start Doing.


Think about that.