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Entrepreneurs like us are funny birds, don’t you think?

We are not wired like most other people. We have to find our own way and look at almost everything differently that others do. But why is that?

Top entrepreneurs know that passion and purpose are the perfect compliments to each other, however, they also have one additional element at their disposal…Mindset.

For us, we HAVE to built because that is how we are wired. And our passion is what drives us, albeit money, impact, humanitarian, or some other noble driver. But the genuinely successful entrepreneur will tell you that having your mindset right is paramount to any successful venture. Being able to drive your mindset is of particular value with us, because we often face challenges of self-doubt. Anytime we put a new product or concept out in the field, every entrepreneur I know will tell you that last “send” is the hardest thing they have to do.

That is why I am all about mindset. It is the difference between chasing your dreams and driving them.

Think about that.