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Entrepreneurs like us are notorious for striving for perfection. We want everything to represent our brand and us flawlessly. The challenge is that often, we fall prey to the pressure of perfection. When that happens, progress can become severely limited. On the one hand, perfection is a great aspirational quality. But the truth is that we just need to keep moving forward and keep applying high levels of effort.

A mentor of mine says that we are to “emulate, then iterate.”

Simply put, we should copy proven methods first, then make them our own. This principle is a fantastic way not to get caught up in the perfection cycle. When we emulate, we can add our own touch of perfection when we iterate. 90% of success for entrepreneurs is action. 5% is wisdom in what action to pursue first.

The remaining 5% is a mix of luck, reading the market, and caring deeply for your customer.

Your customer wants your insights and value. Are you putting yourself out there as soon as you can? Or, are you tinkering around in hiding in the name of perfection?

Think about that.