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Every entrepreneur I know will tell you that the last 10% of any project is always the hardest, always takes the longest, and always costs more.


I am not completely sure why that is true, but my experience is the same.  Everything always takes longer than we plan.


For many, it takes longer because we operate our business responsively rather than proactively. So that by the time we pay attention at the necessary level, we see things that need to be corrected to re-done.


But still the underlying challenge with any project getting done is the perspective and resolve with which we approach it.


I have found that using mini sprints works for me if I am ‘under the gun’ on a project.  Simple 33-minute sprints work for me.  Short focused bursts of energy and tasks work perfectly. I just set a timer on my phone, close everything else off and work to the buzzer.


Today I get more done in the first 2-4 hours of the day than I used to in an 11-hour day. Finding the right rhythm was key.


Think about that.