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In a day where it seems you have to overthink every word for fear of offending someone, tact is a required ingredient for every day.


The wisdom required, however, takes a bit of work.


Now, I am not one who is particularly concerned with being politically correct.  In fact, I abhor it.

But, I do understand that at times I need to be respectful and polite.


I also am very committed to speaking my mind plainly, but not in a hateful or juvenile manner.


I think it is perfectly okay to disagree and be friends.


Wild thought, huh?

Truthfully, I think this care is just part of being a decent human being.  Sad that we have to make the delineation.  I would be nice if the term human being had ‘decent’ just baked in.

Most people are. Let’s be one of those as well.


Think about that.