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Remembering Gratitude

One of the fastest ways to lose your bearings is to fall prey to the subject of today’s Mindset.

Let’s face it.  We all want to advance and have nice, new things. But how easy is it for us to lose sight of all the wonderful things we already have if we become captivated by the things that we don’t.

So how do we guard against that?

It sounds incredibly easy, and still a real challenge if you are not careful.

I have found that a daily/weekly rhythm of gratitude is most helpful.  I set aside time to think about all of this life’s blessings and how grateful I am.

I focus on the people first—my wife, our four girls, our parents that are still with us, and the parents and grandparents that are not. Then, if time, I will move on to the “things.”

It’s funny.

The more I am thankful for the people in my life, the less fascinated I am about the “things.”

So, I encourage you to DREAM BIG and build the life you want. But in so doing, remember from where you’ve come, and the things you have been entrusted with minute by minute.

Think about that.