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I am a massive fan of profound simplicity.  Any principle that can be boiled down to the level of this Mindset for Today is for me.


That “little extra” makes all the difference in hitting a goal and slaying a goal.


I do not know about you, but I love the idea of slaying my goals.


But I must caution you here.  Effort alone is not the definition of the “little extra.”


Often, a “little extra” can mean working smarter, not harder. Also, learning to look for leveraged solutions or cooperative efforts so you your results are not dependent solely upon you.


There are many ways to get that “little extra.” You just have to be committed, hungry, and disciplined.


That last one—disciplined—is also a secret weapon of mine.

Knowing that just showing up consistently and with discipline puts you ahead of about 85% of those in your market.  The real winners do what has to be done, especially when they don’t feel like it and when others have resorted to the sidelines.


Be extraordinary.


Think about that.