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Those Who Matter Don’t Mind

When I was little, there was a preacher that would jokingly say, “Oh we’ve done gone from preaching to meddling now…”

The nemesis of most entrepreneurs is this struggle to settle in and just be who you are. For many, all is too polished, too scripted, too ‘branded;’ Although an inauthentic action is nowhere near a brand.

And yet, many of us—yes….us—struggle to show up as our genuine selves.

Why is that?

I could say that it is because we are trying to create a presence about who we are for business. But truthfully, we create a persona because we are secretly unhappy with who we are in the first place.

Now, my job here is not to be the Shrink. I am here to nudge you with mindset.

The greatest advice I can give you is to strive to be you—the you that is truly you—in your business and your life.  The audience you serve or seek to serve can tell if you are putting on a façade.

You would do well to heed today’s Mindset for Today.

Think about that.