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This week at Mindset Engine is packed with wisdom.


Are you living on purpose or on dreams? That is a great question.


I know so many hard-working entrepreneurs and leaders who strive and spend a great many hours of effort to achieve their dream.


How many actually work to achieve their purpose? What about you?

Those with purpose know why they are doing what they do. They know what they need to be doing—down to the minute—and, are clear about measuring their results.


Dreamers simply think about their outcome but fail to build the necessary clarity steps to know what to do when.


As a result, great minds achieve their purpose will other sit on the sidelines frustrated.

Where are you?

Are you actively and methodically building your dream on purpose or are you hoping, wishing, and praying for a lightning strike to reach you new success?


One will work. One will frustrate.


Choose wisely.


Think about that.