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Show me a smart, successful entrepreneur, and I will show you someone who knows how to thrive from mistakes.

We cannot grow without making mistakes. And if we are not making mistakes, that probably means you are not doing much—or certainly not trying very much.

I used to hang my head in shame from my mistakes. But now, I have learned to see them differently. What can I learn —How quickly can I reinvent?

Having this skill will speed up your path to success every single time.  The mindset of constant evolution and continuous improvement will quickly move you ahead of the pack in ways you cannot imagine.

But what do you do when you have missed the mark and your thoughts and fears come rushing in?

You go back to the lessons you know and the wins you have had in the past.

Our confidence is the single most important thing we can protect. And with that, you must also protect your memory.

Taking the time to learn from your successes AND learn from your mistakes —and document them— can make all the difference in your future success and momentum.

Think about that.