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This is a significant truth in this Mindset for Today. When we adopt this perspective in serving others—whether the needy, family, or our clients.


Having this mindset will make our service far better and feed us mentally and emotionally at the same time.


I coach people all the time about seeing the value in someone as a human being  long before you ever consider how they might help you or pay you if a client.


This service first approach will not only alter your methods, it will also bring significant change to the energy and love for what you do.


And here is the fun part, if you are in business, you will discover that customers and clients are drawn to that type of energy.


No one wants to sold in a sleazy or slimy way.  They do, however, love buying from and investing with people who have this outward approach to life and business.


Struggling to get to where you want to be?  Serve first.

I dare you.


Think about that.