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The Funny Thing About Dreams

Dreams are a significant driving force behind where we end up and how we are on the journey.  But the down side of dreams is that it is far too easy to get caught up in the vision and get sidetracked from the actual work.

Entrepreneurs are like that sometimes. A big part of our success is our power to dream and to make dreams realities. But other times, we can tiptoe into resistance and not follow through on some things, and so we go hide amongst our dreams.

So how do you know when you have fallen into that trap?

At first, it is hard to tell.  We can usually fool ourselves regularly without much effort.

But then, there comes a times where our deadlines, internal and externally, begin to slip. We start to make excuses to others and to ourselves.

You see, that is just it.  Excuses and Dreams are in a cosmic battle with one another.  Only one can exist at the end of the day.

Which is winning in your life right now.

Think about that.