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Funny how success and hard work have such an interesting relationship.  We all sell the idea that things come easily and that some are just lucky. When in reality, hard work creates an environment where success seems to show up more and more and more.

At the same time, we must be wise enough to know when hard work stops and busy work starts.

Busy work is the stuff we do to make ourselves feel busy.

Hard work is the things we can do to serve our audience, build our brand, expand our impact.

There. Is. A. Difference.

And the funny thing is that the most impactful people I know RARELY talk about how busy they are. The uber successful do not see hard work or even a busy schedule as anything other that the price of admission to success.

If you do the work, in authenticity, consistently – success will come.

On the contrary, if you bluster and fluff over work and tasks that do not directly impact your bottom line, you are merely buzzing around trying to appear successful—and the world can see through that.

Think about that.