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Our future is ours for the making.  That may sound a bit wishful or simply motivational, however, it is largely true—if we allow it to be true.


Here’s the deal.


We can do and create almost anything we want, but we ultimately have to deal with (and clear) our past.  In doing so, you break free of your past—perceived or otherwise.


Why is that important?

If there has been something challenging in your past, it is very easy to remember it worse than it actually was.


That is why I make a habit of pocketing wisdom from any situation and then make a habit of letting the rest go.


Having gone through a personally bankruptcy and a divorce within the same six-month period, I can tell you first hand that learning from the past but then letting go, is critical.

I would not be here today sharing with you had I not figured out how to learn and move on.


I encourage you to learn and deploy this skill daily.


Think about that.