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There is no substitute for a clear vision and hard work.


No matter the goal or the topic, nothing ever happens if we just sit about and wait on things to happen. We have to get up and take action.


But to make the days count, you have to do much more than just take action.


The best way to reach a big goal is to break it down into smaller more achievable sections.

If you want to lose 40 lbs., state your goal, write it down, and then start working diligently on the next 5 lbs. off.


The same goes for business goals.  If you want to reach $1 Million, you break it down into $50,000s or $100,000s to get where you want to go.
If we focus only on the final goal, we will never experience real momentum and most likely will end up giving up.


Break it down, then blow it away.


Think about that.