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It sounds completely counter-intuitive, I know.  But I believe this Mindset for Today has a major gold nugget for you.


Of course, celebrating successes is important, but according to a titan of business, Bill Gates, there is far more to learn from failures and set-backs.


That does not mean that we should be consumed with our shortcomings?  Not at all.  But, it is a solid encouragement that we should continuously learn from our challenges.

Just stop and think about it for a moment.  Looking back over your life, have you received more lessons through abundance or through struggle?

Every major business and entrepreneurial leader I know says that learning comes through struggle.


As a result, we should take advantage of those life lessons and put them to use to keep us from repeating the past.


We all want success and we want to celebrate our wins.  Who wouldn’t? That is the fun part.  But, the smarter response is to get serious about how to learn from your less than stellar moments and grow beyond them.


Think about that.