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Best Place, Right Path

Best Place, Right Path

You are in the best place in your life to start. Even though it may not feel like it, you are in the perfect spot to begin the journey to your success. Let’s face it. We all have droves of interests, distractions, and roadblocks that try to keep us from where we want to be. And as a result, we have to make a decision:


Are we to be defined by our goal or by our struggle?


For quite some time, I allowed myself to be defined by my struggle. I was habitually dogged by the, “I don’t have enough time,” mindset. I now know that viewpoint is a lie. I have all the time in the world. It is merely my priorities in how I use my time that needs work. I spent years making excuses and beating myself up over my path, rather than just taking action and focusing on my goal. Now, even on very busy days that are full of other business tasks, I make time for my goal—even if the smallest of steps, every day gets forward motion toward my goals. And when setbacks occur, they are no longer failures. Those setbacks are guiding lessons that get me one step closer to my goal.


Think about that.

The Path to Being Free

The Path to Being Free

Barely a day goes by that I do not get asked why mindset is such an important topic for me. Most often, the questioner ‘knows’ that mindset is to be thought of, but has no clear understanding of its true impact. I cannot stress it enough. Mindset is the single most important thing you can refine and perfect in your life.


Now, how can I say such a sweeping statement like that? The answer is simple. It has been my life story. In fact, you see this post within the app, Mindset Engine, solely because I discovered the hidden power behind mastering mindset.


So how to you get started down the path to mastering mindset?


First, you simply start. Everything begins with a deeply personal internal conversation. I call it being “brutally honest” with yourself. My conversation started with a morning journaling session.


Very quickly—a matter of a couple of days—things would pop up and take me away from my newfound journaling routine. I would miss one day, then two, until suddenly I would look up and my goal was now three months passed with no progress.


So, I committed to change (mindset) by removing distractions from my morning. I stopped looking at my phone as my first activity from awake. (I used to say, ‘yeah but it is my alarm.’ What I was actually doing was checking the news, email, and Facebook as my first activity.


That single action corrected my course more than I can explain.


We have much more to cover in the coming days. For today, start your brutally honest conversation internally. It takes far more mental strength than one might think.

An Upward Word

An Upward Word

I am always cautious when addressing anything around the topic of religion and faith.  I want to be respectful of your tradition or freedom to not have a tradition.


That being said, faith is very important for me and the role of prayer is central to who I am as a human being.


I do not see prayer as a “Lord, gimme…” situation.  No, rather I see prayer as a time for me to become quiet, centered, and let the act of prayer change me over my circumstances.


I use prayer to seek out ways and places where I can serve others.


As a result, prayer really is the most important conversation of the day.  Without it, I find myself scattered. I prefer to be centered and grounded.


So my hope for you is this—no matter your tradition—find your higher power and speak often.


The practice and the quiet will do you good.


Think about that.


Learning to Trust in Growth

Learning to Trust in Growth

Although I am a person of faith, I do not write this with a religion-based agenda.


That being said, I think it is important to understand your relationship with a higher power or belief, no matter your particular perspective or tradition.


Whether you sense God, the Universe, or something greater inside yourself, you have to learn that adversity is not something that is occurring to you—it is happening FOR you.

We grow when we are stretched beyond our comfort zone and we need to learn to hang outside that zone as much as possible.


Sometimes we need to jump and grow amid the fall.

What do you believe in that is growing you and guiding you along the way?

Some people say that faith and religion is a crutch. I do not agree.  For me, it is a centering point that reminds me daily, “you got this.”

Having gone through tons of dark days, including a bankruptcy and divorce within the same six month period, it was my faith that carried me through.

It’s time to learn how to fly—I know you have been dreaming about it.


Let’s go.  You Got This.

Think about that.

Hard to Wrap My Head Around

Hard to Wrap My Head Around

This is a significant truth in this Mindset for Today. When we adopt this perspective in serving others—whether the needy, family, or our clients.


Having this mindset will make our service far better and feed us mentally and emotionally at the same time.


I coach people all the time about seeing the value in someone as a human being  long before you ever consider how they might help you or pay you if a client.


This service first approach will not only alter your methods, it will also bring significant change to the energy and love for what you do.


And here is the fun part, if you are in business, you will discover that customers and clients are drawn to that type of energy.


No one wants to sold in a sleazy or slimy way.  They do, however, love buying from and investing with people who have this outward approach to life and business.


Struggling to get to where you want to be?  Serve first.

I dare you.


Think about that.

Committed to Continuous Improvement

Committed to Continuous Improvement

Today’s quote has been around for millennia, and yet is more relevant today that perhaps ever.


A mindset of continuous improvement is not only healthy, but it is critically necessary to build a life and business that is thriving.


When we allow complacency to set in and we think everything is “good enough,” we are putting ourselves on a collision course for failure, or worse, mediocrity.


But continuous improvement takes effort. There is a heartfelt commitment and curiosity that must be the driving force to always be in search for our better self and our better this or that.


The challenge is that complacency can sneak in without us really recognizing it.


This happens easily when signs of success occur and we want to just celebrate and enjoy.  I encourage you to celebrate, and then, recommit to the next level of better.


Those who heed this practice have a far more likely chance to reach and exceed current and future goals.


Think about that.