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Beauty and Power in Stillness

Beauty and Power in Stillness

I. Love. This. Mindset. I cannot express fully how powerful and freeing this particular Mindset is.

Having the skill to cause yourself to pause and be still is something for which we should all seek.  More times than not, when searching for a solution, I am in scramble mode or spending all my energy looking for a magic bullet.

Instead, what I should do more often is make time to be still.

In the stillness, our heart, head, mind, and soul can connect to our true selves.  This connection, brings clarity and momentum to our problem-solving needs.  In fact, I try to include a time of quiet and stillness in my morning routine.

Being busy and taking action are big tools in the toolbox of an entrepreneur.  However, we all would do well to “sharpen the axe” of being still.

Take Action:

I dare you to try this for one week.  10 minutes of still and quiet every single morning.  At first it will seem like an eternity.  By the end of the week you will discover that your best thoughts come from that time.  Also, your body will thank you.

Think About That.

Only One Place to Go

Only One Place to Go

Personal internal and spiritual growth is a widely misunderstood area for most of us.  Although I have made deep improvements in this area over the last 10 years, it did not come without challenge.


I am happy to say, however, that the outcome is seriously remarkable and the process one that I am very glad I took.


But I will say be careful.


There are thousands of so-called spiritual advisors and “Sherpas” in all faith traditions who claim to be able to help you transform.


Please know that all transformation comes from within, not from without.


Actions make change temporarily, but genuine transformation comes only from within.


And of course, as with any advisor, choose wisely.


But even with all that said, I want to encourage you clearly and loudly…a spiritual journey is time well spent and I highly recommend that you take the path.


I think it is important for all of us to invest in ourselves in foundational areas of worth – spirituality, relationships, education, health, interests, your profession, and finally life purpose.


When you focus on build in those areas, you will definitely return far wiser and far more well-rounded and healthier. Go take the journey!


Think about that.

Our Hardest Lesson, for Sure…

Our Hardest Lesson, for Sure…

Quite simply the most difficult lesson we all must learn at some point in our life.


Failure to learn this lesson leaves us living the life of an imposter. Learning this lessons gives us freedom beyond anything you can imagine.


So often, we want to give ourselves over the game of comparison and think that we are not worthy be notable or impactful to the world around us.


Nothing could be farther from the truth.


Each of us have a specific voice and a valiant truth that needs to be shared into the world.  When we fail to do so or we fall prey to thinking less of ourselves, we short the world of our wisdom, energy, and influence.


As for me, I want a world that has every voice, finely tuned, and investing into those around us. It will make our collective experience FAR better in the end.


Think about that.

As You Are

As You Are

Learning to assess people by their character is not only right, but it will make you better for doing so.


It is not as easy as it sounds.


Now, with that said, I also think it is important to be cautious about who you let in your inner circle.  Not guarding that space and be reckless and dangerous for you because you welcome potential poor advice.


But when you consider someone upon their character—the content of their hearts—you know exactly who is an asset to you and who is a distraction.


For leaders and entrepreneurs like you, this decision is key.


So, there are two big lessons in today’s mindset focus:


1) Do the right thing and judge others based upon their character, not their past; and


2) Use this information to determine who is worthy to be in your inner circle.


Think about that.

Hope Whispers

Hope Whispers

Holding fast when faced with challenges is tough.  We have all been through trial and triumph in our lives and our businesses. But as an entrepreneur, I am sure you know as I do that the voice of fear comes early and often.

I know many entrepreneurs who say that it is the loneliest profession there is—you have no one to talk to. And when you do, you must guard your words because they are most likely a client or a peer.

But hope is the hero of the day when it reminds us why we do what we do.  Hope reminds us why we started in the first place. Hope encourages us to go on, that just one more day will make all the difference.

And hope is right.

One more day does indeed make all the difference.  I remember in my business, I was at the point of giving up numerous times.  And the last time, I was down to the last few remaining dollars I could scrape together.

If the business had not worked that week, I was done.

But that is the day that you tell yourself that today is the day.  That day is what you remember for the rest of your life as you look back at a successful business.  Your day, perhaps today, is where you get brutally honest with yourself and you discover why you started.

And then you begin again…

Think about that.

Perspective and Perception

Perspective and Perception

Wealth is a fascinating topic among entrepreneurs like you and me. Many would say that they started a new venture to make a better life for their family. While other entrepreneurs may see a new venture as something noble that has a higher calling to life than the everyday corporate gig.

What about you? Why did you start something on your own? What was that first spark of a dream for you?

Don’t get me wrong, the money of building your own company can be pretty fantastic. However, I would say that success can be both a blessing and a curse. Why?

The blessing of wealth certainly has its advantages. With the money, we can do more, go more, and experience more. Yet, I argue that money is not true wealth.

Money is a vehicle TO true wealth. Sadly, money can also be a deterrent for many in finding genuine wealth.

As with our Mindset for Today, “needing little [or nothing]” is the key to wealth. I know this to be true. I enjoy nice things, but I am no longer enslaved by the pursuit of nice things.

I no longer feel the need for things as a means of measurement against others to determine where I am on my “success scale.”

The result is wildly freeing mentally and emotionally. Perhaps you should try it.

Think about that.