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A Success Perspective

A Success Perspective

Today’s quote is hysterical, but also incredibly tragic.

There are millions of entrepreneurs trapped inside corporate jobs. For many, it is a voice of fear or a voice of uncertainty that keeps them limited and in a corporate job for thirty or forty years. They are frustrated.

An entrepreneurial mind says that, “I’m willing to do the hard things that normal people are not willing to do, so that I can reap the benefit of success that normal people will never see.”

Being an entrepreneur is hard because you have lots of work to do, but you also have the work of structuring and exercising your mind.

Take action.

I challenge you to look at positivity in your life. Look at your words. Listen to your thoughts. Pay attention to what is happening in your heart, and in your mind.

When you do, you’ll quickly realize that your mind, and your mindset either work for you, or work against you.

Think about that.

Beauty and Power in Stillness

Beauty and Power in Stillness

I. Love. This. Mindset. I cannot express fully how powerful and freeing this particular Mindset is.

Having the skill to cause yourself to pause and be still is something for which we should all seek.  More times than not, when searching for a solution, I am in scramble mode or spending all my energy looking for a magic bullet.

Instead, what I should do more often is make time to be still.

In the stillness, our heart, head, mind, and soul can connect to our true selves.  This connection, brings clarity and momentum to our problem-solving needs.  In fact, I try to include a time of quiet and stillness in my morning routine.

Being busy and taking action are big tools in the toolbox of an entrepreneur.  However, we all would do well to “sharpen the axe” of being still.

Take Action:

I dare you to try this for one week.  10 minutes of still and quiet every single morning.  At first it will seem like an eternity.  By the end of the week you will discover that your best thoughts come from that time.  Also, your body will thank you.

Think About That.

Keys to the Happiest Place on Earth

Keys to the Happiest Place on Earth

I love Walt Disney, and everything about Disney World and Disneyland. I think it is incredible.

The creativity, the strategy, the gumption that was taken in building a media empire like Disney is nothing short of remarkable.


Interesting from our quote today that Walt Disney says, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” This come from a man who was challenged on every side, at every turn, and at several times, at key moments.


Just before the release of the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney was required to bet the viability and the future of the company on the success of that film.


He knew what his dream was, and he would stop at nothing to make it happen.


Now, I certainly understand that we have to be wise. We have to be shrewd in business. But, I also think we have to allow ourselves to dream. We must strategically allow our minds to see the vision and then to go create that destiny and create that future.


Your dreams have a purpose. It’s not to frustrate you, it is to inspire you.


Think About That.


Remembering the Future…

Remembering the Future…

Is all too easy to get caught up in paralyzing thought about your future. Often, we allow ourselves to think that something is outside our reach.


I know that as a coach and mentor for entrepreneurs and leaders, it is so common that is almost funny—except it is debilitating.


Whatever your passion or goal, remembering today’s Mindset is a HUGE resource that will help you get to where you want to go.


In fact, just the other day, I was on an interview call with an entrepreneur with an 8-figure business, and they said, “All of us—every entrepreneur I know—thinks too little of their own worth.”


I find that challenging.


Take Action:


So, what do we do about this challenge?  The answer is both simple and difficult. Set your goal and then focus on the process that will get you there—NOT on the goal itself.


Let me explain:  If your goal is to grow your business to $1,000,000, that is great.  But if you only dwell on the end result, you will be plagued with setbacks and frustrations.


Instead, focus on the actions and the processes that will get you to your goal.  Be excellent at every step, and your goal will come to you.


HINT: Get out of your head and take action every single day (with excellence).


Think About That.

Your Perception of Personal

Your Perception of Personal

We’ve spent several days talking about the power of perception and what it means to your journey. Today is no exception.

In fact, it’s probably the most important principle around perception.

It is important for us to pay attention how other people see us. It helps us clarify a lot about who we are and where we choose to belong.

However, it is even more important for us to focus on how we see ourselves.

If we see ourselves as successful, as powerful, as forward, and as a leader, we are far more likely to be successful than if we see ourselves as a victim, or as someone who is going to suffer hardship.

It is a life changing principle that we have to learn and then master.

Certainly, there are things in life and business that are outside of our control. However, our ability to see ourselves as our best potential self greatly gives us enormous momentum and an advantage in actually achieving our dreams.

A Lifetime Truth

A Lifetime Truth

Not that long ago, I was invited to come speak to a young sports team. The coach had asked if I would give a little talk about the greatest truth that I’d ever learned from being an entrepreneur.


The choice of what I would share with them was very simple, and it’s contained in our mindset for today.


In order to be successful, in order to achieve, in order to excel above those around you, you have to stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and you have to constantly think and dwell upon what will go right.


People who see themselves as successful;


People who envision what it’s like to win;


People who focus on what it will feel like to achieve what you want to achieve;


Have a ninety plus percent greater likelihood of achieving their dreams.


Once I learned that, I knew that there was nothing in my life or business that was out of my reach.


Think About That.