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The Path to Being Free

The Path to Being Free

Barely a day goes by that I do not get asked why mindset is such an important topic for me. Most often, the questioner ‘knows’ that mindset is to be thought of, but has no clear understanding of its true impact. I cannot stress it enough. Mindset is the single most important thing you can refine and perfect in your life.


Now, how can I say such a sweeping statement like that? The answer is simple. It has been my life story. In fact, you see this post within the app, Mindset Engine, solely because I discovered the hidden power behind mastering mindset.


So how to you get started down the path to mastering mindset?


First, you simply start. Everything begins with a deeply personal internal conversation. I call it being “brutally honest” with yourself. My conversation started with a morning journaling session.


Very quickly—a matter of a couple of days—things would pop up and take me away from my newfound journaling routine. I would miss one day, then two, until suddenly I would look up and my goal was now three months passed with no progress.


So, I committed to change (mindset) by removing distractions from my morning. I stopped looking at my phone as my first activity from awake. (I used to say, ‘yeah but it is my alarm.’ What I was actually doing was checking the news, email, and Facebook as my first activity.


That single action corrected my course more than I can explain.


We have much more to cover in the coming days. For today, start your brutally honest conversation internally. It takes far more mental strength than one might think.

Your Own Worst Enemy

Your Own Worst Enemy

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many of the greatest business people in the world. It has been an interesting conversation over the years and has allowed me to discover me what makes them truly successful. In looking at the other side of the coin and asking them about times that they have failed, there is also a common denominator.

It simply comes back to this time and time again: A negative mindset is our worst enemy.

Now, I understand this because I’m naturally a skeptic. I am also a natural introvert. I am automatically going to think about what’s hard about it, what’s wrong, and what’s going to be difficult. I do this because I want to attack the most difficult part first (once I get going). But this is also something that holds me back from getting started in the first place.

Take Action:

The core concept in my 1:1 coaching is the idea of being brutally honest with ourselves. Sit down and look at how are you approaching your challenge? If you believe something is going to be hard, it’s going to be hard. If you believe that you have the ability to overcome it- even if it is hard, you’re more than likely on the right path to get to your success.

A negative mindset is the worst thing that’s going to keep you away from your goals. Getting to the place where you understand how you can drive it versus being a victim to it will determine your outcome. Guard everything against a negative mindset.

Think about that.

Your Best Vessel

Your Best Vessel

Many entrepreneurs like you, often forsake personal health on the journey to success. Let’s face it. Building a business is challenging and take a ton of time. However, study after study has shown that when we make time to work on our physical, mental, and emotional health, our bodies will learn to perform at a much higher level.

Now I will be the first to admit that I am not an all-organic, nuts and berries only health person. I admire those who are but know that the occasional milkshake is also not an entirely terrible thing. Yet, when making specific time for workouts, I know my body responds better and has more energy. I also end up sleeping much better on average.

When I am disciplined to journal and focus my mind every day (how and why I created this app), my creativity and problem-solving capability are significantly improved. That is why I challenge you to be brutally honest with yourself. Are you limiting your success by not taking care of your body, mind, and soul?

If you are like me, that can be an uncomfortable question. But the answer is a crucial key to operating as your best self.

Think about that.

The Danger of the First Step

The Danger of the First Step

Understanding where the boundaries of your comfort zone are is significant.


There are so many entrepreneurs and individuals like you who have great ideas, great aspirations, great goals but for whatever reason; they allow themselves to be limited in their thinking.


Many are limited in their thought, understanding, or problem-solving because they come at something without a clear position and a mindset that against them instead of for them.


This should not be. (and it does not have to be.)


Our life truly does begin at the end of our comfort zone.


This has been my experience. In fact, it’s been the experience of every entrepreneur that I’ve ever worked with, successful and not successful.


The challenge for us all is that first step.  But if you want to move forward and upward, you have to take it—including fear and all.


I remember when wanting to start Mindset Engine, I loved the idea.  I was simply afraid to take action.   Why? Because as long as it was only an idea, it could not fail.  But conversely, as only an idea, it could never succeed as it has either.


Take Action:

Consider this:  Is there something that you have thought about for a long time but have not been able to get moving the way you want?


Perhaps your comfort zone is getting in the way.


I would suggest two things.  First, get brutally honest with yourself about what you want and why it is important.  Otherwise, stop wasting mental time.


Second, create a “rapid design” plan to get from point A to point B.  Do not worry about the entire project, just commit to building out the first piece.  Just that simple momentum can help unlock a lot of doors.


Think about that.


Designing Your Best Day

Designing Your Best Day

Do you have a clear picture of what your best day looks like?

In our pursuit of an effective and powerful mindset, I encourage you to think about that question and how best to respond.

As I began my coaching business, I went through numerous “starts and stops” trying to get everything perfect right out of the gate. Although a lofty goal, I was literally sabotaging my success.

The secret ingredient was just to start.

Once I took forward action, and I got past my self-imposed mental barriers, solutions and creativity simply began to flow at a high level.

One of the tools that I used to arrive at this place in my journey was to visualize and write out “my perfect day.”

That is my challenge and encouragement to you right now.

Take Action:

Use your journal or the digital journal in this app and spend a few moments writing out a detailed account of what your perfect day will look like.

When did you awake? What will you do? How will you spend your time? Who will share your time with you? What will you get accomplished? For what will you be grateful?

These questions and many others will often unlock your thinking and allow you to see solutions that you might be missing. I use this exercise personally at least once a quarter.

Think about that.

Understanding Strength

Understanding Strength

You are an amazing human being.

You are full of life, wisdom, joy, thoughtfulness, and strength—even when you have times that may not feel like it.

Strength is often ill-defined as confidence when in actuality it has far more to do with persistence than anything else. How I know that is from my own journey, as well as that of virtually all of my one on one clients.

The more successful they are, the longer their story of persistence. These entrepreneurs simply cannot and will not give up.

But being backed into a corner, or being trapped by circumstances is something very different. The challenge is situations like this is in clearing your mind and focusing on solutions rather than the stress of the problem.

Recently, I had a coaching client that was up against the wall of a cash crisis in his business. In talking through it, he fixated on the amount that was owed rather than realizing that his customers were the source of his solution.

I encouraged him to know where his numbers are; but then, he is to look at how many customers would hire him all over again today if they needed someone? How many were moving up in business versus down? How many praise emails and phone calls had he gotten in the last 90 days.

Once we did this exercise together, we quickly realized that he did not have a cash flow issue—he had a client service issue. His team had gotten lax in servicing the clients with an over-and-above experience.

Perspective and brutal honesty reveal pure strength. You have it—you just have to know how to look for it.

Think about that.