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Your Best Vessel

Your Best Vessel

Many entrepreneurs like you, often forsake personal health on the journey to success. Let’s face it. Building a business is challenging and take a ton of time. However, study after study has shown that when we make time to work on our physical, mental, and emotional health, our bodies will learn to perform at a much higher level.

Now I will be the first to admit that I am not an all-organic, nuts and berries only health person. I admire those who are but know that the occasional milkshake is also not an entirely terrible thing. Yet, when making specific time for workouts, I know my body responds better and has more energy. I also end up sleeping much better on average.

When I am disciplined to journal and focus my mind every day (how and why I created this app), my creativity and problem-solving capability are significantly improved. That is why I challenge you to be brutally honest with yourself. Are you limiting your success by not taking care of your body, mind, and soul?

If you are like me, that can be an uncomfortable question. But the answer is a crucial key to operating as your best self.

Think about that.

Understanding Strength

Understanding Strength

You are an amazing human being.

You are full of life, wisdom, joy, thoughtfulness, and strength—even when you have times that may not feel like it.

Strength is often ill-defined as confidence when in actuality it has far more to do with persistence than anything else. How I know that is from my own journey, as well as that of virtually all of my one on one clients.

The more successful they are, the longer their story of persistence. These entrepreneurs simply cannot and will not give up.

But being backed into a corner, or being trapped by circumstances is something very different. The challenge is situations like this is in clearing your mind and focusing on solutions rather than the stress of the problem.

Recently, I had a coaching client that was up against the wall of a cash crisis in his business. In talking through it, he fixated on the amount that was owed rather than realizing that his customers were the source of his solution.

I encouraged him to know where his numbers are; but then, he is to look at how many customers would hire him all over again today if they needed someone? How many were moving up in business versus down? How many praise emails and phone calls had he gotten in the last 90 days.

Once we did this exercise together, we quickly realized that he did not have a cash flow issue—he had a client service issue. His team had gotten lax in servicing the clients with an over-and-above experience.

Perspective and brutal honesty reveal pure strength. You have it—you just have to know how to look for it.

Think about that.

Often Overlooked

Often Overlooked

Paying close attention to your health is as much a business decision as it is a health decision.  Of course, there are great benefits from a healthy lifestyle.  However, what is often overlooked is the distinct business advantage from being healthy.


For years, I really never thought that much about it.  I would make a healthy choice here and there, but overall I just did (or did not do) whatever I chose and did not think that my health had that much to do with my business.


I could not have been more wrong.


Now I will admit.  I am a foodie.  I love great food, wine, all of it.  But everything in moderation is a principle that rings true.


Within about three to four days of re-working my personal nutrition and workout routine, my mind gained clarity and focus like you would not believe. It actually surprised me quite a bit.


So I encourage you to think about how you can improve your nutrition, workout, water intact, sleep schedule, etc.  ALL of these things have a significant factor in how your body serves you in your goals.


I am certain you will be pleasantly surprised.


Take Action:

Grab your journal, the app journal or some notetaking mechanism and begin right now listing all the food, water, other beverages, snacks, and things you take in your body today.  Continue this tracking for a full even days.  Just take notes, don’t make a huge adjustment immediately.


Let your body tell you what it is consuming. You may be shocked (like I was).

Three Core Elements

Three Core Elements

We would all do well to strive and long for health, contentment, and faithfulness.

Without out our health, we have but one single focus—to be whole.

Without contentment, we are running to and fro, chasing anything that will satisfy our want.

Without faithfulness, we have a skewed image of truth and trust.With our health, we are free to dream, run, and laugh.

With contentment, we have peace and satisfaction that quenches us.

With faithfulness, we have security and are free from mindless worry.

Yes, there are a number of attributes and life principle that are beneficial to us at all times. Today’s mindset from Buddha is an exceptional reminder of that which we should pursue.

Take Action:

Take a moment, journal, and rate where you are in your health, contentment, and faithfulness. I would wager that the higher your rating and assessment, the more connected and successful you feel about where you are today. If you feel unsettled in where you are, begin by pursuing these things.

Think about that.

First Things First

First Things First

Let’s face it. We are all busy and often take things for granted. And for many entrepreneurs like you and me, we often let our health slide.

With well-meaning intentions, many of us fall prey to poor food choices, fast food, a little too much alcohol, and being very sporadic with wise choices versus just something that will do right now.

Health often takes a back seat to driving our business. We rationalize it with statements like, “once I make $____ I will do better!” or “I will hire a personal chef.”

All good thoughts, but like mindset, health begins with a mental focus before we can ever hope to re-engineer actual outward behavior. Most of us will make a declaration of “I am going to eat healthy from now on.” Those are easy words to say and very tough to follow through on. We must be intentional in our thoughts first, then our actions.

Without a healthy focus, your body can become your enemy. With a healthy focus, your body can energize and power up to give you clarity, stamina, and focus.

Take Action:

Take a few moments and write out everything you can remember that you have consumed in the past 48 hours. Then, go back and rate on a scale of 1 – 5. Five being awesome and healthy, one being nutritionally equal to a Twinkie.

How are you really doing in your pursuit to healthiness?

Think About That.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Although many do not believe it, your attitude has an enormous impact on your overall health.


If you perceive yourself to be in poor health or constantly tired, you begin to believe that and even attract that sense of ‘health’ upon yourself.


Now, I am not suggesting that all health is in our heads, however, I know that whatever we think about, we attract to ourselves.


Don’t believe me?


Let me challenge you to give it a try.


Let’s say that you feel chronically tired. As long as you do not have a diagnosis of something more serious, consider every morning, writing down all the things in your life and your body that you feel good about.

Okay, okay, maybe the things that you feel ‘ok’ about.

Take time to be grateful for what you DO have versus what you do not.

From my personal experience, this simple process will change more than just your attitude.  It will change your overall health trajectory.


Think about that.