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A Success Perspective

A Success Perspective

Today’s quote is hysterical, but also incredibly tragic.

There are millions of entrepreneurs trapped inside corporate jobs. For many, it is a voice of fear or a voice of uncertainty that keeps them limited and in a corporate job for thirty or forty years. They are frustrated.

An entrepreneurial mind says that, “I’m willing to do the hard things that normal people are not willing to do, so that I can reap the benefit of success that normal people will never see.”

Being an entrepreneur is hard because you have lots of work to do, but you also have the work of structuring and exercising your mind.

Take action.

I challenge you to look at positivity in your life. Look at your words. Listen to your thoughts. Pay attention to what is happening in your heart, and in your mind.

When you do, you’ll quickly realize that your mind, and your mindset either work for you, or work against you.

Think about that.

A Lifetime Truth

A Lifetime Truth

Not that long ago, I was invited to come speak to a young sports team. The coach had asked if I would give a little talk about the greatest truth that I’d ever learned from being an entrepreneur.


The choice of what I would share with them was very simple, and it’s contained in our mindset for today.


In order to be successful, in order to achieve, in order to excel above those around you, you have to stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and you have to constantly think and dwell upon what will go right.


People who see themselves as successful;


People who envision what it’s like to win;


People who focus on what it will feel like to achieve what you want to achieve;


Have a ninety plus percent greater likelihood of achieving their dreams.


Once I learned that, I knew that there was nothing in my life or business that was out of my reach.


Think About That.


Love and Business

Love and Business

From just a relationship standpoint, this Mindset for Today is spot on. I am married to my childhood sweetheart, and our relationship gets better each and every day. It never gets old.
But what about your relationship with your business?
I see it every day. Entrepreneurs who set out to “change the world,” but end up building a job for themselves that leaves them flat and unfulfilled. There are numerous in my circle that have 7, 8, and 9-figure businesses, but they are uninspired with their “job.”
So how do you steer free of building a business that does not feed you?
The answer is simple. Pure, unadulterated, brutal honesty will get you to a business that you enjoy, and that feeds you completely.
In the same way that an epic friendship or romantic relationship feeds you, your business can as well when you learn to be brutally honest, authentic, and congruent with who you are and who you want to be.
Here is the litmus test for you. At the end of your work day, whatever that looks like for you, are you mentally and emotionally energized and satisfied? Or, are you worn out, tired, weary, and unsure if you will be able to ramp it all up again tomorrow?
Doing what you love and are uniquely gifted to do, will feed you exponentially. The rest is just a paycheck.
Think about that.


90% Success

90% Success

Entrepreneurs like us are notorious for striving for perfection.  We want everything to represent our brand and us flawlessly.  The challenge is that often, we fall prey to the pressure of perfection.  When that happens, progress can become severely limited.

On the one hand, perfection is a great aspirational quality. But the truth is that we just need to keep moving forward and keep applying high levels of effort.

A mentor of mine says that we are to “emulate, then iterate.”

Simply put, we should copy proven methods first, then make them our own.  This principle is a fantastic way not to get caught up in the perfection cycle.  When we emulate, we can add our own touch of perfection when we iterate.

90% of success for entrepreneurs is action.  5% is wisdom in what action to pursue first.  The remaining 5% is a mix of luck, reading the market, and caring deeply for your customer.

Your customer wants your insights and value.  Are you putting yourself out there as soon as you can?  Or, are you tinkering around in hiding in the name of perfection?

Think about that.

Love What You Do

Love What You Do

It sounds much easier than it actually is—to do what you love and love what you do.

I know multi-millionaires who have started their own companies only to end up feeling like they built themselves a job rather than a lifestyle. I also know numerous top performing entrepreneurs who are in complete peace and harmony with where they are and what they do.

I call it “Building a business that is authentic and congruent with who you are.” And, it is a significant part of my coaching model. Without that clarity, it is easy to get busy and end up addicted to the action, but not passionate about the product. This is far more common than you might think.

The first step is all about brutal honesty. I talk about it all the time. You see, as entrepreneurs, we are usually pretty good sales people. We can talk about our product or service easily and openly. The downside is that often we get sold on our own material and lose sight of its true persona in the marketplace.

The best thing you can do is to have a community with a vested interest in you.

I see this happen dynamically every day in my group coaching sessions. The teams truly invest in one another and want everyone to succeed fully. It is a beautiful thing—watching entrepreneurs investing in their community.

So answer this. Do you love what you do? Would you get up every day for the rest of your life and do what you do for free?

I have found what when you do what you love and love what you do, your energy, authenticity, and congruence are significant and very attractive to your potential audience. People can see through a job. Most everyone I know wants to buy and/or follow a winner and a leader.

Do you love what you do? If not, it is time for some brutal honesty.

Think about that.

What the Successful Do?

What the Successful Do?

Creating wealth is an interesting activity to watch people do.  Some choose to create by developing products and services for others and also by building networks of other professionals.

Others, seek to build wealth by assisting others with building out their dream, thereby earning a salary to do so.


There nothing right or wrong in doing either. However, I personally choose to create my own wealth rather than working for someone else and helping them to create their wealth.


So what are the deciding factors for you?

For me, I had to decide what was my currency.  Not dollars or pesos or rupees, but rather freedom.


For me to “be” successful, I need freedom.  That currency allows me to work when and the way I want to on the projects I want to. Without that, I would not last long in this process.


Now that I know that, I am building my business in the best way to support my preferred method of building wealth.


Do you know what your currency is?


Think about that.