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Understanding Strength

Understanding Strength

You are an amazing human being.

You are full of life, wisdom, joy, thoughtfulness, and strength—even when you have times that may not feel like it.

Strength is often ill-defined as confidence when in actuality it has far more to do with persistence than anything else. How I know that is from my own journey, as well as that of virtually all of my one on one clients.

The more successful they are, the longer their story of persistence. These entrepreneurs simply cannot and will not give up.

But being backed into a corner, or being trapped by circumstances is something very different. The challenge is situations like this is in clearing your mind and focusing on solutions rather than the stress of the problem.

Recently, I had a coaching client that was up against the wall of a cash crisis in his business. In talking through it, he fixated on the amount that was owed rather than realizing that his customers were the source of his solution.

I encouraged him to know where his numbers are; but then, he is to look at how many customers would hire him all over again today if they needed someone? How many were moving up in business versus down? How many praise emails and phone calls had he gotten in the last 90 days.

Once we did this exercise together, we quickly realized that he did not have a cash flow issue—he had a client service issue. His team had gotten lax in servicing the clients with an over-and-above experience.

Perspective and brutal honesty reveal pure strength. You have it—you just have to know how to look for it.

Think about that.

Make Things Work for You, Not Against You

Make Things Work for You, Not Against You

I get asked all the time, “what it is that makes successful people successful?” or, “why is that when someone has a particular success that they tend to have another and another?”

The truth is that success really does happen when your dreams and your desires get bigger than your excuses.

I wanted to be in personal coaching for quite some time and wanted to create something like Mindset Engine to give away to help other people achieve a healthy, focused mindset.

For me, I had to get to the place where my desire for success became greater than my excuses.  Then, and only then, did I take strong forward action and put myself out there.

Was I scared?  You bet!  But I quickly realized that all of us fight the challenge of fear and self-doubt.

Once you learn to make your mind work for you instead of against you, you have the ability to do virtually anything.

Take Action:

Grab your journal or your phone, tablet, or the journal function in this app—whatever it is that you use to take notes on and ask yourself, what is holding you back? What is keeping you from where you want to be?

Before you allow yourself to accept those things, look at each statement that you’ve written down and asked yourself why.

Why is that holding you back?

What is that you could do differently and break through to your goal?

Excuses are like a warm, comfortable blanket on a cold day. But ultimately, excuses deny us the ability to experience life and the success we want.

You have to pay attention and be brutally honest with yourself. It is super easy to get caught in a life of excuses where you miss the success and the dreams that you want. Mindset will give you a giant step forward.

Think about that.



Perspective in Struggle

Perspective in Struggle

None of us like to struggle. There really is no other way to respond to difficult things than you say, “this sucks!”

But if you stop there, difficulty wins, dreams die, and regrets take seed.

Perspective and mindset give you the tools to look past struggle and see yourself where you want to be. Now, the naysayers will tell you that having a perspective like that is something Pollyanna or “woo woo.” (I know, I used to be one of them)

Making this change in my head and heart has changed my life. More importantly for this discussion, have a mindset that is focused upward and onward, my business, life, health, spirituality, all of it have momentum in a way that I have never known before.

That is why I am so passionate about coaching you and sharing my journey with you.

Having a project, business interest, or relationship not go as planned is tough. The frustration and angst are real—I in no way diminish the challenges we all face.

However, I make a willful choice not to leave it there and not to allow a struggle to define me or limit me…and neither should you.

Your greatest treasures of wisdom are most likely hiding in the depths of places where we have struggled.

I encourage you to take a fresh look back and consider what about a past struggle has made you stronger. The answer might surprise you.

Legendary Truth

Legendary Truth

Zig Zigler is one of my favorite motivational speakers and authors. There are so many talks and videos that I’ve seen that have had an enormous impact on me over the years.


One of the quotes that I love most is this idea that “there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.”
I’m a full believer that mindset is the driving force of everything that we do. That’s why I created Mindset Engine —first for myself, and now to share with you.


But even with a healthy, functioning mindset, there is no excuse for lack of hard work.


You have to take the stairs. You have to do the work. You have to work with discipline to be able to make things happen. How I know this? Because that’s been my life story over and over again.


In the past, I would fall into a trap of procrastination or I would make excuses of not having enough time. Eventually, I would just stop trying.

The truth is…I was afraid. I used procrastination to hide the fact that I was afraid someone might not like my idea or product.


Then, I realized that through a focused mindset, I not only have the ability to take the stairs, but I can start taking them at two and three steps at a time.


It speeds up everything in my life and turns to momentum.


Hard work is much like exercise. The more you do it, the better you get at it. The faster you get, the more disciplined you are. Ultimately, momentum becomes the norm.


Think about that.

Exercise and Training Required

Exercise and Training Required

One of the most powerful tools any individual can possess is the ability to laser-focus your mind.

Having expertise, capability, and skill is a beautiful thing, but those things will only get you so far.  Just ask any professional athlete. A mindset that is developed, honed, and exercised is like a healthy physique it can move you to places you never thought possible. It can also give you an unfair advantage.

Even as a skeptic, as an introvert, and as someone who may not always be positive-minded (which by the way is me), your mind can be proactively directed toward positive thoughts and actions.

When you do, your life will start to change. How do I know this? Because that is my life story.

Any time in my history where I’ve allowed myself to get down, to get afraid, to be in a place of fear or negativity, everything around me begins just to close up and kind of get harder sort of like walking in mud. By stopping to evaluate and refocus my mindset, everything turns and works in momentum WITH me and FOR me.

Now this is not just a warm and fuzzy feeling. Mindset and visualization are well-documented skills among thousands of the world’s top athletes. If you can learn how to drive rather than respond to your mindset, you have the ability to create your future rather than be limited to only chase it.

Take Action:
Look at the Vision90 resource tool in the Tools and Resources tab of this app.  This simple exercise has become the central driver of my success.  I use it every day to focus on quarterly and yearly goals.  For me, it has made all the difference.

Think about that.