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You’ll Know

You’ll Know

There is nothing more fun than building a business and building the life that you love.  When you do, work is no longer a job.


But what do you do if that is not you? What you do not love what you do?
Steve Jobs of Apple Computer fame tells us to never stop looking until we find it. “Don’t Settle.”


Even if you do not have the ability to just up and change jobs, do what I did and start a ‘side hustle’ and make it fit around your current job.


I was an executive in a large advertising firm, but I had a vision to start Mindset Engine and my Coaching business. So, I started working on the new interest just one night a week.  As it grew, I began taking more and more time on the new project.


Whatever your dream, do not stop. Even if it is not simple, find a way to take steps forward.

Whether a simple solution or something more of a challenge, go for your dream.  It is worth the extra hustle.


Think about that.

Write Well. Edit Often.

Write Well. Edit Often.

I love this Mindset for today! Putting this perspective on we need to constantly evaluate where we are and where we are going is refreshing.


One the one hand, we are writing our own story.  But the good news is that we have the ability to edit it.

Not so much from a place of re-writing things.  No, what’s done is done.  However, that does not mean that we are stuck and do not have the ability to change course as many times as needed to get our desired result.


I do not know about you, but I can tell you that detail excites me greatly.


Even with a measure of success, I am not limited by my past.  I am only limited by my perception of what my future can be.


That is great news!


So, wherever you are, whatever is going on around you, know that you are a gifted writer and a fantastic editor for your life.


Use that gift and get started (again) if needed.


It is time to go create the life you want.


Think about that.

Two of These, One of Those

Two of These, One of Those

I’ve heard it said often that we have two ears and one mouth because we were designed to listen twice as much as we talk.


I am not sure if that is why we were made that way, but it still is a wise reminder.


We do learn when we listen, rather than when we speak.


As someone who is talking constantly in my coaching and consulting business, I have to tell you this is completely true. I must make space for me to be the student and stop being the instructor if I am going to continue growing.


Sure, there are things I can learn from teaching, but the vast collection of life lessons comes when I quiet myself—inside and out—breathe, and soak in the wisdom.


When you do, you will be just fine.


All too often we are listening to be able to respond rather than to learn, understand, and apply.


Listen.  Your future is waiting.


Think about that.

I’m Cured!

I’m Cured!

One of the most curious and also, common limitations that leaders and entrepreneurs have is overcoming fear and self-doubt.


You would not think that someone who had the guts to want to start their own business would have that particular issue, however, it is rampant, if not in all of us.


Equally funny is that the way to overcome fear and self-doubt is just to keep moving and keep trying.


The simple step of action is the fastest way to get beyond being afraid or uncertain.


Now a word of caution here…

I am not talking about hustle in the sense of being busy doing stuff.  I am talking about being intentional, methodical, and consistent in your efforts.


When you do, the path through presents itself and the solutions and wins come far faster the more you keep moving.


No matter what you are hesitating over right now, let it go and just get going.  The results will surprise you.


Think about that.

“Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy”

“Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy”

I have to admit that I snickered a little bit when I first read this quote.


But then after reflecting a bit, I realize that it is a powerful truth that need to be shared.


Many say that the best thing you can do is to relax and just “go with the flow.” That can be pretty deadly (pardon the pun.)


It is important to always move with intentionality. We have to be focused and have a well-thought out plan of where we want to go and how we believe we can get there.


Now, before I go too far, I will also say that one major thing that changed for me in my business is that I had to quit over-thinking and over planning.


Yes – I get that those two statements are contradictory, but the balance in between is key.

Be intentional in direction.

Don’t over plan.  Let your success evolve.


I will tell you that the balance here is a challenging one (especially if you like to be “in control”). For me, I had to learn to stop and plan forward at each step rather than trying to predict the world three or four steps from now.


Think about that.