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That Stinking Attitude Thing (Again)

That Stinking Attitude Thing (Again)

Great Mindset for Today for sure.  The problem is that it is once again calling me out over my attitude and patience.


I have a great attitude and patience as long as everything goes along like it is supposed to and as I dream in my head.


Sound about right?

Sadly, that is correct for me more often than I care to admit.


Sometimes, things take time. And when they do, our posture and demeanor during the wait is the lesson to be learned.


Pay close attention to that lesson.  It is usually required preparedness for your next challenge.


Rarely does a lesson go unnecessary.


So, I am learning to drive unrelentingly,

But wait,


And learn.


When I do, the waiting is not near as long as it feels, and I gain something needed for another day.


Think about that.

Reversing Insanity

Reversing Insanity

There is an old saying that says, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the very definition of insanity.”


I am sure that is no longer politically correct, but it does illustrate a significant point.


If you want your life to change, you have to change what you are doing day in and day out.


All the time, I have coaching clients that are not satisfied with their sales in the business. But when I press in a bit and ask about how many sales closing conversations they have ready to go this week, they get quiet and have pretty much none.

If something is not working, stop it, and do something else.


It is pretty simple when you think about it but not all that easy to do for most of us.

Many times, making change requires us doing things that we haven’t don’t before.  Sometimes, (a lot actually) it can be scary.


What happens if it doesn’t work?
What happens if it does?


If you want to go get your future, you are going to have to do something different.


Let’s go.


Think about that.


Perspective Amid Challenge

Perspective Amid Challenge

No one likes to suffer or go through hardship. But what if I suggested to you that hardship is not to create struggle, but to create wisdom.


Would that make a difference?

It may not comfort you in that instant of struggle, but it would certainly give you reason to consider the struggle as something to benefit you rather than to harm you.


What if you just tried that perspective on for a moment. Would it change how you perceive your immediate situation?

I started doing this exercise and a conscious action while rebuilding my life after divorce and bankruptcy.  For weeks and months prior, I wrapped myself in a blanket of victimhood.


It felt ‘wonderful’ for a moment, but I quickly realized that it was not my friend. It was taking me down a dark and desperate path…quickly.


So, I began to ask myself, “what if this was for a specific purpose that is better for me in the end?”

Overnight, my mood and thoughts changed. My energy changed and the weight I had been carrying was now gone.

Perspective—perhaps your today is for your, not against you.  In fact, I know that to be the case.


Try it on for size.


Think about that.

Set It Straight

Set It Straight

I love this Mindset for Today. It sums up how I few that level of stick-to-it-ness that is required to win today.


We all need a solid stubborn streak to help us along—but ONLY if it has a purpose to get you where you want to go.


With perseverance and grit, I believe we can set our mind to just about anything and win over and over again.


That has certainly been the case in my life and business.


When I start to give up, I ask myself ‘how much I want what I am after,’ and also, ‘do you believe you have the right plan to get there.’

If I truly want something and believe in my plan to get there, the outcome is all but certain for me.


Now, I will admit that this has not always been the case with me.  When I was younger in my work, I was chocked full of self-doubt and fear.


But today, by being intentional about my goals and even more so about my plans to achieve those goals, I am set.

I know I can deliver anything I set my mind to.


How about you?


Think about that.

Bad Company’s Impact

Bad Company’s Impact

Who you hang out with has an enormous on how you show up.  The influences and voices that you allow into your life must be chosen very carefully.


If you allow yourself to be surrounded with people who see the world as hard and against them, you will begin to see the world as hard and against you.


In the same way, if you encircle yourself with people who see that all things work for you rather than against you, you will discover this to be true as well.


This one simple act—being selective of who your personal influences are—will make all the difference in your results in life and in business.


I dare you to try it.

The impact of how we think and how we see the world around us is a significant one.


You would do yourself well to take a few moments to evaluate whether you have the influences of success around you or the voices of fear and self-doubt.

This difference is remarkable.


Think about that.