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The Coincidence of Hard Work

The Coincidence of Hard Work

Funny how success and hard work have such an interesting relationship.  We all sell the idea that things come easily and that some are just lucky. When in reality, hard work creates an environment where success seems to show up more and more and more.

At the same time, we must be wise enough to know when hard work stops and busy work starts.

Busy work is the stuff we do to make ourselves feel busy.

Hard work is the things we can do to serve our audience, build our brand, expand our impact.

There. Is. A. Difference.

And the funny thing is that the most impactful people I know RARELY talk about how busy they are. The uber successful do not see hard work or even a busy schedule as anything other that the price of admission to success.

If you do the work, in authenticity, consistently – success will come.

On the contrary, if you bluster and fluff over work and tasks that do not directly impact your bottom line, you are merely buzzing around trying to appear successful—and the world can see through that.

Think about that.

Shed the Stuff

Shed the Stuff

I do not know why as entrepreneurs we constantly judge ourselves and compare ourselves to those around us.

Why do we do that?  We have the most fun and enjoyable work in the world, and yet we give in to listening what others say about us.

Isn’t it time we not do that anymore?

When we give our perception of approval over to what others say about us, we are giving up our joy AND putting ourselves at risk of not knowing our true worth. When we listen to what others think about us, we lose our voice.

That is why I encourage you to guard your self-worth and your confidence. It is your greatest asset as you grow.

Let’s face it…others will criticize you for no other reason than to make themselves feel better about themselves.  Many do not want you to succeed, because in doing so, you leave them behind.

I challenge you to focus on your voice and your self-worth and your confidence.  In learning what those truly are, you shed the stuff that others put in your head.

Criticism from trusted advisors is helpful.  Criticism from the masses is reckless and a serious distraction for you.

Listen to you.

Think about that.

Grow vs Go

Grow vs Go

I think the most disheartening response I hear to the question, “How are you doing?” is when someone responds with something like, “I’m here,” or “I’m just existing.”

I certainly get that we cannot be “up” all the time.  But, I also know that we choose how we live our life every day.

Things do not happen to us, they happen for us.

The question is, ‘how do we respond?’

Not everything is glitter and unicorns, I get it. But in choosing to be intentional so that we drive our day rather than react to our day is key for a growing entrepreneur or leader like you.

So what do you do when you just don’t feel like growing?

Simple. First, you acknowledge that you do not feel like doing the work.  Second, you do the work anyway.  You show up. Finally, you go back to a place in your memory where you felt alive and in charge and ask yourself, “What was different then from now?”

You see, our emotions lie to us all the time.  We may be tired or unfocused, but in reality, we are experiencing resistance – a form or procrastination where our body and mind trick us.  We do not actually feel lost, we are just telling ourselves that so we can justify avoiding something that we are not quite comfortable with.

It sounds silly — and it is — but it is also real and is stealing your mojo.

You control your day.  Now go take your rightful place and slay it.

Think about that.

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

Show me a smart, successful entrepreneur, and I will show you someone who knows how to thrive from mistakes.

We cannot grow without making mistakes. And if we are not making mistakes, that probably means you are not doing much—or certainly not trying very much.

I used to hang my head in shame from my mistakes. But now, I have learned to see them differently. What can I learn —How quickly can I reinvent?

Having this skill will speed up your path to success every single time.  The mindset of constant evolution and continuous improvement will quickly move you ahead of the pack in ways you cannot imagine.

But what do you do when you have missed the mark and your thoughts and fears come rushing in?

You go back to the lessons you know and the wins you have had in the past.

Our confidence is the single most important thing we can protect. And with that, you must also protect your memory.

Taking the time to learn from your successes AND learn from your mistakes —and document them— can make all the difference in your future success and momentum.

Think about that.

Walls vs Bridges

Walls vs Bridges

Almost all of us undervalue the relationships in our lives.  We often take them for granted and spend too little time nurturing the important relationships around us.

As a result, we can often build walls without intending to.

The answer? Be intentional about who you are and who you interact with.  Business and life are hard enough on their own. Why make it more challenging by trying to get it right by yourself?

Being intentional takes time and effort, but the return is well worth the investment.

Take time to listen.

Take time to care.

Take time to respond when others are in need.

Take time to understand what others are trying to do in their lives and businesses.

People want to feel heard, and you have a unique opportunity to do just that.

Besides, let’s face it.  None of us have all the answers to all we need.

We need each other for support, ideas, encouragement, and a host of other things. So as you show up, others will show up for you and your community will grow.

Think about that.