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STOP Shushing!

STOP Shushing!

It’s okay.  We all have one.  You know…that small inner voice that in our head sounds bold and courageous.


But when it comes time to speak up and out loud, that roaring lion often shudders into little more than a squeak.


I know that is not what you want, but it can and does happen to us all.


So how do you stop it?

The best way is through daily and moment by moment practice.  We get more confident the more we show up and speak up.


Sure, there will be naysayers along the way, but most of them are only saying “nay,” because they are jealous of your newfound boldness.


Speak up anyway.


In fact, I have learned that until you have naysayers, you may not be saying your wisdom loud enough or strong enough.


Let me let you in on a little secret.

All of us try to shush our inner voice all the time.  The pros have just gotten over their fear a few more times than you.


You got this.  Step up and speak up.


Think about that.



Run with Your Heart

Run with Your Heart

Building a business and a dream is hard.  There are days that are phenomenal and other days that are terrible. The challenge is knowing yourself well enough to excel on all days.

There are two important details here.


One, when you feel like giving up, don’t.  It is critically important that you show up—even when you may not feel like it.


Two, every time you reach the next milestone, celebrate. It is important to reward yourself with a bit of recognition for getting things done.  In fact, when you do, your mind starts to crave accomplishment over just simple dreams.

Finally, let me encourage you to guard your dream and vision with everything you can.

It is not just something exciting for you, it is a driving engine that picks you up and carries you when you are tempted to give up.


Think about it.

When Grit Shows Up

When Grit Shows Up

One of the most common reasons that business owners and leaders fail is they give up just before their effort pays off.


I know in my own life, I have looked back and realized that I was so close to winning when I got frustrated and gave up.

So what do you do to stay on-track?

First, set yourself up for success with a clear plan of attack.  Know where you are going and how you plan to get there.


Second, make your plan have numerous wins along the way.  Mini-celebrations do wonders to build momentum.

Third, give yourself some open space so that the schedule will allow for some down time and momentary set-backs.

When you plan well and stick to it, you are almost always rewarded with success.

You never want to be in a place where look back and realize just how close to success you were before you gave up.


Keep going.


Think about that.

Breathing a Year in Advance

Breathing a Year in Advance

I use this mantra at least once a week when something pops up that doesn’t fit my plan or schedule.


In times past, I would be bothered or upset when something did not go as I had hopped.  Today, I ask all the time, “What difference will this make a year from now or five years from now?”

That simple little shift in my moment-by-moment thinking has yielded enormous results for me. I am far less bothered by things and leave my mind more open for creativity and problem-solving.

With those two mental weapons fully functional in my life day in and day out, there is virtually nothing that I cannot overcome.


When we give in to fear and pressure of what “may” happen, we cut our ability to solve the issue down my more than 50%.


Stop that.

Give yourself the greatest gift you can give.  Your best you.


Fear will never serve your dreams well. Stress will only continue to steal from you. Anxiety will eat you up from the inside out.

Breathe—and show up as you.  You need it.  We need it.


Think about that.

Good News, Bad News

Good News, Bad News

I love this Mindset for Today. Although simple, it is powerful when we soak it in and walk it out.


Time is indeed flying.

It seems like just last week our girls were tiny, dawning sweet little backpacks and hopping out of the car at 1st grade.


Today they are all adult women who are building lives and families the way that they want. When I stop to consider that, I realize how precious and delicate time is.


Use it wisely.

But that is the thing—we are the pilot of our time. In very large part, we get to decide where and how we use our time.

Hint: If we don’t decide how to use our time, someone else will hire us to create their time.  Just sayin’.

I have discovered that the more focused I am on using time wisely, the more I seem to have.

Apparently, I was wasting time worrying about how busy I was and not focusing on squeezing every ounce of effectiveness out of this next moment.

Think about that.