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Relationship Mind Map

Relationship Mind Map

We live in a day and age when many people feel entitled to any number of things. I am not one of them.

In fact, I take today’s mindset to heart because I fully believe that we “get what we create.”

The tricky part with this perspective is that if things are not the way I want them to be, I have no one to blame but myself. By creating (or allowing) something to be substandard, I get results that line up with that effort.

Now, the upside of taking on the responsibility of the outcomes is that you can most likely determine the path to success as well as enjoy the result. That is one of the biggest reasons why I like being an entrepreneur.

I love to create. I love to create my way.

So from a relationship standpoint, you have to invest, learn, listen, draw, cooperate, build, and nurture carefully. There really is no such thing as a relationship on autopilot.

Take Action:
Ever so often I create a mind map of all the key relationships in my life. From my spouse to my kids, my parents, partners, and team members, I think about each relationship and what is good, what needs work, and what could I be fooling myself about.

The result is a quick punch list of things that I need to work on. Again, “thinking about my thinking” is the key to getting and keeping my mind and focus where it needs to be.

Think about that.

Your Silver Bullet

Your Silver Bullet

I find it humorous and still tragic to see thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs who are frantically searching for the silver bullet to their greatest success.

More times than not, the silver bullet looks a lot like just hard work.

Often in my high-end coaching sessions, my client will bring in an “enormous challenge” that is keeping them from getting to their goals.

We work through a process that I have developed to consider multiple solution paths, and voila! the challenge is not near as difficult as first thought.

It is common for us to psych ourselves out and become convinced that our challenge is unsolvable. When in reality, the fear or confusion is what we are focusing on rather than the potential solution.

If we can learn how to back up and gain perspective, creativity will soon follow in almost every circumstance.

My experience has always been that silver bullets, shortcuts, and fast tracks tend to sound better than they actually work.

We have to get out of our own head, know what the solution is within us, and release your thoughts to let it come to the front of your consciousness.

More times than not, our fear is bigger than our challenge.

Think about that.

The Most Important Step

The Most Important Step

A bit of confession today…

I had been thinking about creating Mindset Engine for more than a year. In fact, I had named it, described it, even pitched to people before I ever called a develop, started writing, created a graphic, or bought the equipment for a video studio.


We entrepreneurs are funny birds. We love creating—and for some (me)—that creating includes even just mental creation. I can fall into the trap of imagining and thinking through a new project, and find my satisfaction in “thinking it to be.”

Now the odd part is that my Kolbe score is 7-4-8-3. I am an 8 Quick Start. By definition, I am supposed to be all about getting going.

But like you, I also have that confidential conversation in my head that says, if I never actually put my “product” out in the market, it will always be a success in my own mind. No one can say “no” or criticize what I do.

It is the ultimate in safety (and a good way to remain frustrated and broke).

So how do you break out of the cycle of procrastination? For me, it all comes back to brutal honesty.

Are you convinced that if you do not tell your story, or share your teaching, or release your invention that the world is somehow going to miss out on something?

If you don’t teach, will your audience experience a loss in some way?

Once I could clearly state that mindset was the life-changing action that impacted me deeply and that I needed to share it, my goal and actions became motivated.

I realized that if I did not teach you about a growth mindset, then you might live the rest of your life in the frustration that I used to—and I could not do that! I had to build it and give it away.

So how do you get off center and get started?

Simple, ask yourself if you want to build your business for the money or for the good you can bring to your audience’s life. The answer will tell you a lot.

Think about that.

Benefits of Mindset

Benefits of Mindset

I love being an entrepreneur. And, I especially love being an entrepreneur with a growth mindset.

Why? Once I figured out this key concept—once I focused on having a forward, upward, and motivated growth mindset—I realized that things happened more easily.

Now, it wasn’t because I suddenly became more talented.

Having a growth mindset opens your mind up to possibility. Your creativity is heightened, and your awareness is greater.

I also learned that:
My health improved;
My desire to learn became stronger; and
My spirituality became deeper and far more curious;

Having a mindset that is open, versus a closed mindset, helps you function the way your body was designed to function.

Now, before we go too much farther, I want to clarify that I am not just talking about positive thinking. Mindset is far more than that.

A real growth mindset has been trained to always look for possibility and has a more developed creativity and problem-solving capability.

Individuals with a growth mindset have the ability to set aside the here and now, the common solutions, and responses and can consider, try, and even develop new solutions and options that may yield greater results.

So how do you know if you have a growth mindset versus a closed mindset? Begin by reflecting on your last challenge – financial, spiritual, relational, etc. At the moment you first became aware, did you begin with what you can do or what you cannot do?

Pair that answer with a little brutal honesty, and you will have a pretty good guess. If you are unsure and think you may be missing something, we should talk.

Your life is only as good as your mindset.

Define, Destroy, or Strengthen

Define, Destroy, or Strengthen

Trials are common to us all. Yet, the outcome can be dramatically different between you, me, or another entrepreneur on this journey. Our response to success AND failure is telling attribute about where we might end up.

We all know entrepreneurs who have “made it” in their industry and subject, and end up penniless after blowing everything they have earned like a Powerball Lottery winner. Conversely, we all know entrepreneurs like us who never seem to allow themselves to succeed, always falling prey to self-defeating habits and tactics.

The good news is that most all of these traits can be developed, honed, perfected, and leveraged to our benefit rather than our detriment.

It took me years to discover this. I spent a life convinced that if I just work longer and harder than everyone else, I would win. Little did I know that if I only knew how to leverage my mindset, I would have gotten there years earlier and with far more joy.

So how do we do that?

The primary key in my experience is perspective and a view that is not wrapped up in time.

Perspective in the sense that we can see more than the immediate circumstance at once. And “thinking beyond time,” to allow us to breathe, step back and realize that what we are facing at the moment, almost always will not overtake us. Of course, we have to address issues quickly, but our perspective helps us stay away from worry and stress which can limit our creative power.

Our mindset is the path that gives us that “space” between our lives and our challenges.

Think about that.