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The Best for Your Mind

The Best for Your Mind

When I first read this quote when building Mindset Engine, I did so fairly quickly and kept on going. Four or five minutes later I stopped in my mental tracks and had to go back.


Wow.  What a fantastic notion. And more important, we discover the best way to keep ourselves moving forward quickly.


When we commit to being a forever-learner, we open up ourselves to continuous growth and improvement.


What greater gift can you give to yourself than opportunity?

For me, being a life-long learner has rewarded me with balance and purpose in all that I do.  I understand the way things work and rarely find myself in situations for which I am poorly prepared.


Experience, knowledge, wisdom, and learning are the cornerstones to success.


Think about that.

Required Struggle

Required Struggle

None of us like to struggle or face challenges.  We all want easy, smooth sailing all the time on way to our dreams.


But when you really think about it, all gain, learning, and progress forward comes more often out of adversity than it does from success.


Rarely do we learn the gold lessons in life from a time with everything is going beautifully.


So, what would life be like if we learned to embrace adversity and see it for what it is—a refining and molding of us toward our success?

How would your perspective and response change?


From personal experience, I can tell you that this idea made a significant difference in my life when I came to accept it.


Adversity is going to come, so why wouldn’t we prepare to gain from it rather than run, avoid, and ignore it.


I know the results for you will be far better when you do.


Think about that..

Important Ingredient

Important Ingredient

This is an important saying around here at Mindset Engine.


Not only is happiness a choice, it is easily obtained by focusing on the thoughts you allow inside. Be careful.


I know, at first, it sounds silly and far too easy.  But truthfully, the way you approach life and the thought you allow in your mind will absolutely have a fantastic impact.


Of course, we will all have tough days and occasional challenges, but it is our response to those challenges that produces internal joy and happiness.


Our responses are a direct descendent of the thoughts and information we consume and hang on to.


So how do you know what you are currently allowing in your mind?


Fortunately, simply by asking a question like this, you open up your psyche to noticing your thought consumption easily.


As a little song in my childhood used to teach, “Oh be careful little eyes what you see. Oh be careful little ears what you hear…”

Serious truth in that if you want consistent happiness.


Think about that.

The Secret

The Secret

Today’s Mindset is one of those hidden gems of success that so, so many (including me) missed early on in business AND in life.


As a huge goal setter, I have always had big dreams, but often failed to meet them. Enter the Mindset for Today.


By focusing on the process and the plan for the giant goal—rather than the goal—you actually have an exponentially better chance of achieving your desired goal.


Funny, huh?


Instead, we get bogged down in constantly dreaming about the goal rather than actually following the process to get there.


This singe simple truth has changed my life and business immensely.

All you have to do is:

1) Set your Goal;

2) Decide the steps it is going to take to get there; and

3) From that point forward, focus on following the plan and continuously evaluate if your plan is on schedule or not.


Then, simply tweak your process daily to reach your daily and weekly target.


Momentum is that easy.


Think about that.

And Yet We Still Do It

And Yet We Still Do It

Today’s Mindset sounds almost absurd at first, however, I can assure you it is the most powerful once you truly understand it.


We would all love to believe that we are free from judgement and critique.  But we live in the real world, not the world that is portrayed on Facebook and Instagram.

As a result, it is critical to our future that we learn how to no listen to those you are not directly in our advisory realm.


Everyone has an opinion.  NONE of them should matter to you unless you have invited that person into your realm exclusively to seek their counsel.


Otherwise, you would do yourself wise to learn how to not hear and not see people’s opinion of us.


Yet, we still do it All. The. Time.

We often make the mistake of letting that one voice in when we should not.  Remember, no one can live in your mind unless you give them access.

Guard yourself.  Think about that.