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Constantly Reaching Higher

Constantly Reaching Higher

I love being around uber-successful entrepreneurs; they have a contagion about them for constantly setting higher, new, and more dynamic goals than their last.

Great entrepreneurs never see their projects as finished. They merely see them as in process.

I’ve had the opportunity to work near hundred million dollar entrepreneurs who are well into their sixties, seventies, even eighties. It is a real blessing to see their joy and energy in their life.

It’s not the money that has made them successful. It’s their mindset.

They have a perspective that always sees more growth to be had, and more impact that can be made if they merely continue to refine their process.

You are never too old to set a new goal, reach a new level, impact even more if you are committed to personal excellence and bringing your tribe the very best of your heart and life.

Think about that.


Authentic Wealth

Authentic Wealth

In interview after interview with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, I continue to be amazed at how much genuinely successful world class entrepreneurs will tell you that the hardest struggle in their career is their greatest jewel in their crown.

They recognize the success they have achieved was born out of that struggle.

Is it odd that almost all have this common experience? I think not.

There is the common saying that says, “if it were easy, everyone would have already done it.” I think that is true.

Building a business on your own is tough.  But it is also liberating and wildly creative. At the same time, it is also scary, captivating, motivating, and just plain fun—IF you are jazzed by that thought.

Successful entrepreneurs are like modern-day explorers.  We simply cannot leave well enough alone and have to find a way. It is not enough to sit in an office or cubicle and dream about it.

We simply cannot not build our dream.  We have to.

What you are building may not be easy, but it is certainly going to be worth it. Whether it makes money for your or not, the process of building is where your authentic wealth comes from.

Of course, then I suggest you build something that can bring revenue, but if revenue is your goal, then stay where you are.  The world is already far too full “those” entrepreneurs.

Take Action:

I encourage you to look for the positive things that happened yesterday and look for the positive things that happen today. Every business, every venture, every project takes a ton of energy and a ton of effort. The joy comes in the success of building.

Money will follow, and that’s just extra.

Think about that.

Perspective and Perception

Perspective and Perception

Wealth is a fascinating topic among entrepreneurs like you and me. Many would say that they started a new venture to make a better life for their family. While other entrepreneurs may see a new venture as something noble that has a higher calling to life than the everyday corporate gig.

What about you? Why did you start something on your own? What was that first spark of a dream for you?

Don’t get me wrong, the money of building your own company can be pretty fantastic. However, I would say that success can be both a blessing and a curse. Why?

The blessing of wealth certainly has its advantages. With the money, we can do more, go more, and experience more. Yet, I argue that money is not true wealth.

Money is a vehicle TO true wealth. Sadly, money can also be a deterrent for many in finding genuine wealth.

As with our Mindset for Today, “needing little [or nothing]” is the key to wealth. I know this to be true. I enjoy nice things, but I am no longer enslaved by the pursuit of nice things.

I no longer feel the need for things as a means of measurement against others to determine where I am on my “success scale.”

The result is wildly freeing mentally and emotionally. Perhaps you should try it.

Think about that.

Your Natural Gift

Your Natural Gift

Natural ability is a fantastic gift, but a work ethic for hard work is an equally valuable natural gift.

Dr. Carol Dweck in her quote today talks about those who may have natural talent can achieve things quickly. However, that doesn’t mean that someone who has to work hard, and requires training, cannot achieve the same level of success.

The challenge for many entrepreneurs, including this one for quite some time, is that I fell into the trap that believed that if it wasn’t easy, then it must not be meant to be.

The opposite is actually true.

By getting brutally honest with myself, I knew what I wanted to do to change people’s lives was going to require hard work. Making the move from an 8-figure agency as a partner, to starting a new coaching business almost two years ago, was going to take a ton of time.

There was no substitute. The effort was going to be required to introduce myself to my new market.

Take Action:

When deciding where to go with your business, look more inward and focus on where you heart and passions are. If you fall prey to focusing on the competition and others in your space, you are perilously close to being beaten—not by your competition, but by yourself.

Think about that.

Turning Off the Engine

Turning Off the Engine

For many entrepreneurs, we have a love-hate relationship with sleep.  We want all of it we can get, but at times it eludes us like a leprechaun riding a unicorn on leap year day.


Even elusive, sleep is worthy of the pursuit. The healing and focusing outcomes that occur during sleep are somewhere between scientific and completely magical.  Our bodies need us to sleep as regularly as possible.


So what do we do when our minds and bodies cannot or will not shut down and allow us to sleep?


For the physical elements:

– Stop consumption of caffeine by 3p every day

– Disconnect from digital tools at least 90 minutes before attempting to sleep

– Pay attention to temperature and how your body reacts to it during sleep

– Reduce or eliminate alcohol at least two hours before attempting to sleep

– Make every attempt to lay down at the same time every night


For the mental elements:

– Keep a notepad or journal by your bed to record any active brain actions

– Consider researching and doing breathing exercises as you lay down initially

– If you wake up in the night, recreate your “go to sleep” routine to help train your brain


Sleep is your best friend.  Do all you can to put yourself in the best place to get a solid night of sleep every night.


Think about that.