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One Simple Shift

One Simple Shift

What is the difference between existing and thriving?

Easy.  Choice.


More times that I care to remember, I found myself acting a victim and merely existing my way through life, rather than taking responsibility for my location and moving my way out.


Why?  Because it is easier sometimes and leaves us with a mountain of excuses.  But—it also leaves us with loss and regret.

Moreover, we remain in the place we are in rather than progressing or improving.


I do not want to live that way, nor do I believe do you either.


Growing takes effort, daring, interest, intrigue, and a healthy dissatisfaction of the status quo.


That little sparkle of want is often all that is needed to bring about massive change.  I love that about the human mind and psyche.

All we need is to utter the words, dream the dreams, and put the first step into motion and instantly opportunity opens to us.


Yes, there are times where challenges pile up on us. But honestly, when I focus on what I have versus what I do not, I almost always find a path out—and a quick one at that.


Think about that.

That Stinking Silver Spoon

That Stinking Silver Spoon

It is common among business builders to believe that those who succeed in a big way have a superpower of some sort or that they are gifted beyond all others.


I am inclined to disagree and then agree—but only a little.


I know for a fact that 99% or those who succeed, do so from hard work and a clear vision.  Special skill was not a particular factor.


Now, I do not want to besmirch natural ability or special talent, but rather I choose to highlight that although helpful, it is not the critical core contributor to someone making it or not.


More importantly, we my remind ourselves that just because may have a natural ability that seems superior to our own, that should not stop us.

Their journey is their journey.  Our journey is our journey.


The key is learning how to work where you succeed on purpose.


Think about that.

Pleasure and Pain

Pleasure and Pain

We have two very clear markers in our mind that help us recall specific instances and experiences in our life.


Pleasure and pain.


Although learning through pain is far more common, we also set deep mental markers when we learn or experience something midst pleasure.


Not all pleasure is physical.  There are many emotions and memories that bring us pleasure as well as visual imagery such as a beautiful sunset or a field of flowers.


From a mindset standpoint, I have learned that re-wiring our brain is greatly aided when we pair our new habits with something of pleasure.


For example, I journal daily.  At times, I lose my momentum and motivation and have to re-train my habit.


To do so, I will make time to journal outside in a place that is particularly beautiful.  The visual stimuli becomes interwoven to the habit and the joined pleasure revives my desire to journal again.


I dare you to try it.


Think about that.

Dreams of Certainty

Dreams of Certainty

Although I cannot completely agree with this statement, I do know that the stars cause me to ponder and dream about many, many things.


I believe there are many things of certainty in this world and beyond, but the greatest energy on this earth is that of possibility.


As an entrepreneur and leader, I continually see more and more opportunity than what media and politicians try to tell us.


That is why I am so selective about what voices of influence I allow in my head.


Dreams cause thoughts

Thoughts cause words

Words cause actions

Actions cause impact.


I want to be a person of impact in my world and encourage you to join with me in adopting this dream.


This world needs an army of action-oriented dreamers.  Why not be one?


Think about that.

It is a Heart Thing

It is a Heart Thing

At first pass, this Mindset for Today may seem a bit cliche. But in truth, the quality and the character of your heart is a significant part of who you are as a person AND as a brand.


We all know those who have a business, whether online or offline, where the owner is not completely genuine to us. There is always that “hint” of sliminess or self-serving perspective.


Obviously, that is not who you are. Otherwise, you would be here. Mindset and Authenticity are for those of us who really want to be true to ourselves and help others.


If fact, a common denominator for entrepreneurs and leaders like us is that we tend to give far too much away for free.


That is the byproduct of having a good heart—and that tends to show through brightly in who we are and how we live and conduct our business.


The trick is to let that shine through more rather than less.


People want to follow others they admire, just as much as those whom they can learn and from those whom they can benefit.


Take Action:

What “good” do you put out into the world with your brand? Are you encouraging others to be their best self? Are you living your best self? If not, I would begin there internally.


Think about that.