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Do No Harm

Do No Harm

One of the greatest things we can do on this planet is to help someone else. Conversely, one of the most damaging things we can do is to harm someone else.


Do you take time to intentionally help someone in your sphere?

I try to intentionally make time to pick someone in my world and help them.  Whether through a kind note, a phone call, or offering to be a sounding board for an idea they might have, I try to make specific time to be a help.

But I also look for was to spread kindness to those I do not even know. Things like – buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line at the drive-thru, or surprising someone at the grocery store and just step up and swipe your credit card instead of theirs to pay for their food.


You would be amazed the impact a simple act like this will have upon you, as well as the recipient.


I dare you to try it today.
If you do, come back and share your experience with us.


Think about that.

The Little Things

The Little Things

One of my most favorite and little thing that my wife does for me is that she writes little post-it notes and hides them in my suitcase when I travel.


I know, I know.  I am a sappy romantic, but I love that.


The biggest reason why it reminds me—usually at the end of a very long day—that my life partner is thinking about me and wanted to sneak in time to tell me so.

I may be a simple man, but there is not much more that is better to me than that.  She does enormous things for me as well, but truthfully, the little things are what mean the most.


So, I encourage you to look at each significant relationship in your life and ask yourself this…


“What simple thing can I do that will mean a lot to this person?”

For her, I make it a point to never leave the kitchen after a meal until she does.  We cook together, we clean together.


Sure, I am all about fancy dates and making elaborate meals at home, but for us…the fastest way to say, “I am here and I am paying attention,” is to do the small but meaningful things.


It will have an impact for sure.


Think about that.

‘Miracles, By Design’

‘Miracles, By Design’

Is it possible to create ‘miracles by design’? I think so, although that has not always been the case.


For years I thought that all in the world happened ‘to me’ rather than ‘FOR’ me.  That simple shift in my heart and mind has made a difference in the quality of my life, as well as the value of my business.


Funny, huh?


Yes, building a business and creating a life of happiness is challenging at times, but I know personally, as well as a ton of research shows that when you approach challenges with an upward look, you see solutions faster than problems.


I am not sure why that works, but I know that it does.


That is one of the biggest reasons why I started Mindset Engine.

At first, this was just for me to help me get over being bankrupt and divorced. But I quickly realized that the impact of rewiring your brain.


Changing my thinking, changed my life.


Think about that.

Future Building, Not Searching

Future Building, Not Searching

A universal truth, so frequently squandered by so many. Funny to me how we are so quick to create goals, vision boards, and the like.


But then, we fail to re-build our habits that have the possibility to get us to our goals and boards.


Why is that?


Dreams can give us the same emotional high that we get from shopping, sex, or other great emotional highs.


The challenge is that the work to get to our dreams takes effort, and the effort does not often give the same dopamine…so, we give up.


Habits create victories.


If your vision and dreams do not prompt you to create measurable actions, you leave your future up to chance.


Trust me, you do not want to do that.


If you are not getting to the place you want to, look to your habits, not your goals.


Think about that.

Always Be Prepared

Always Be Prepared

Doing our best is not just an aspiration, it is a requirement if you want to get to the life you dream about.


Anything less than our best will result in far less than we desire—plain and simple.


That is why this Mindset for Today is so important.


Momentum, hard work, discipline, and a desire to do you absolute best, are the right stack of ingredients to get you where you want to go.


Conversely, hoping, dreaming, that are not backed up with solid action will leave you short of your goal every time.


So do yourself a favor and make ‘doing your best’ a daily practice.


Your future success will thank you for it.


Think about that.