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Bon Voyage! You!

Bon Voyage! You!

The beauty and power of Mindset Engine’s Mindset for Today is that it takes what is often deemed simple, and allows you to give it weight to see what tiny little shifts can do for you.


Of course, one must move beyond the sight of the shore to cross the ocean, however, when applied to our life and business, we want to not let go quite so easily.


Therein lies the rub. Until we can get comfortable with the risk, we will not ever get anywhere.


But that means that to get comfortable with the risk, we have to believe in the plan.


To get comfortable with the plan, we have to make a decision that will determine our success or failure.


If we make a decision, our win or loss is on us and no one else.


Want to know why so many ever break free and sail to their success openly? They never create a plan they believe in.


If you don’t decide, you cannot be judged for failing – internally or externally.


Think about that.

Powerful Muscles Needed!

Powerful Muscles Needed!

How quickly we dismiss the power of a simple smile—for ourselves, as well as for those who receive it.


Such a  simple gesture can easily change the course of your day and your outlook on how and where things end up.


It really is one little thing that is just beneficial for the giver as it is the recipient.


But what if you do not feel like smiling?

Honestly, I have discovered that my feelings lead me astray all the time.  It is often that I may “feel” this way or that way, but in the end, my approach to the moment is more important than my perception of it.


Plus, when I choose to be intentional about how I feel and whether or not I smile in the face of potential adversity, I find my solutions are far easier to see and achieve.


So, I encourage and challenge you to smile at someone today on purpose.  You never know what they are going through.


Your expression may be just the ray of hope they need to believe again.


Think about that.

Working For, Not Against

Working For, Not Against

Why is it that we will so easily believe the worst about a situation and will not even consider what could possibly be the best?


Our minds often create worry based upon facts that never come true.  In fact 97% of the things we worry about, never happen.


But when you switch that around and consider that our belief could do for us in the realm of the positive, we dismiss it as pollyanna thinking and wishful nonsense.


That should not be.


I am living proof that a forward and positive mindset can change—and even save—your life.


I do not do “woo-woo” thinking.  But I do pause and consider the best possible outcome as well AND EQUAL TO the risks.


That simple little change has changed everything.


So why is that so hard for us? Easy.  We have been programmed by all things negative in the world to believe the worst.  When you pair that with a brain that is designed for fight or flight, you don’t have near the winning chance.


That is why you have to consider how to rewire your thinking.  When you do, you will rewire your future—like I did.


Think about that.

Ridiculously Amazing

Ridiculously Amazing

I almost did not keep today’s Mindset graphic because at first, I thought it too simple.


But after pondering it for a few minutes, I kept it because its truth is powerful.  Being ridiculously amazing is completely fun and something that feeds your soul. However, what do you do when you just don’t feel it?


What do you do to turn on your “ridiculously amazing?”


All of us have habits, rituals, and rhythms in our life that we subconsciously do.  Because of this, we can learn to program our minds and even our souls somewhat to put ourselves into a flow state.


For me, it is a series of breathing exercises paired with location and music.


If ever I am ‘in a funk,’ I go to my spot, turn my jam, and spend a few minutes breathing and mentally taking myself back to my last success from that spot. Within minutes, solutions, ideas, and words come rushing to the forefront and my newfound energy delivers over and over again.


So what can you do to make today ridiculously amazing?


Whatever it is…do that.


Think about that.

A Mindset All Its Own

A Mindset All Its Own

I think I could write a book of mindset principles all based upon the works of Dr. Seuss—simple in form but profound in meaning and application.


As is today’s Mindset for Today.


Knowledge and wisdom take us places.


So, what types of things are you actively doing to expand your knowledge and your experience in the world?


You should be building your mind for much more than just business, or for your family role as a mom or day, or just in areas of spirituality.


It is important that we expand our minds in every way we can imagine.


All too often, I run into business leaders and owners who are stuck in only doing things the way they have always been done. That is dangerous in every possible way.


The healthiest we can be includes a committed and balanced approach to continuous learning.


Think about that.