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Not My Monkeys

Not My Monkeys

There is a funny phrase that sometimes get quoted that says, “Not my monkeys, not my circus.”


Generally, it is used to state, ‘I am not getting involved in the craziness you have going on.’


Although humorous, there is also significant wisdom in the principle behind today’s Mindset for today.


Learning what to get involved with and what not to is a sign of wisdom and experience.


As I grow and age in my business, I am learning to apply this idea more and more every day. I choose to pay less attention to things that are outside my direct business and life.


The less I pay attention to other people’s agendas, the more successful I become. Plus, the less stress and grief I had to work my way through.


I highly recommend you consider doing the same.


Your future success will thank you for it.


Think about that.

Perspective Means Everything

Perspective Means Everything

There no time where perspective means more than it does after a fall.


We all know we are going to hit a rough patch or struggle at one point or another, but we have to continue to look for the why in every situation.


If you think about it, almost nothing we have ever learned came out of a time of abundance.  No, rather it is through those hard times that our valuable life experiences come.


Sure, I would much rather learn when all is in alignment with the world, but sadly, it does not work that way most of the time.


Maturity and wisdom are perfected when we can find the space to see the good that comes out of all situations, including the ones that plop you down in a foreign place, staring at a gleaming set of cat teeth.


Although there have been times in my life where Alice’s world seem a whole lot better than mine did at the time.


I could always be well served to improve my perspective—come what may.


Think about that.

Being Beyond

Being Beyond

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Man do we need this in the world more today than ever.


With all that is going on around us, it is all too important that we show up as someone who make tomorrow brighter for another person.


So how do you do that?

First, be encouraging. Everyone would love to have a positive voice in their universe.  Be that voice.


Second, be intentional. Go out of your way to help, guide, and serve others whether they could ever be a blessing to you financially or otherwise.


Third, be authentic. Sadly, our world is chocked full of posers who do not really live the life they portray on Facebook.


If each of us would just take a few moments a day and proactive serve someone around us, the world could change overnight.


Think about that.



Your Inner Peace

Your Inner Peace

Over the years, I have discovered that the more focused on mindset, clarity, and productivity, the more selective I am about who gets to be in my head.


I am friendly with everyone but am careful on what influences and voices I allow in.


That may sound a little snooty or closed off, and I certainly do not mean to be. But it is important to protect your mental real estate.




Because it is so easy to get drawn into sarcasm, negativity, and griping. I do not want that.


Just as I am careful about what coaches I let into my space, I am equally cautious about my environment and the energy it gives or takes away.


Just to clarify, I am not saying don’t get involved. If you are a person of peace, you have people coming to you all the time for advice and wisdom. You just have to be careful that while supporting them, you do not get drawn in.


Think about that.

The Core Ingredient to Success

The Core Ingredient to Success

The notion that mindset is everything is the key to the success of my business and to what I’ve been able to do professionally and personally.


Over the years, it’s been a real privilege and an honor to be around some of the greatest thinkers and the greatest business minds in the world. I’ve always wondered what it was that made them that way. It’s not that they’re just lucky, it’s that they have a different process.


Realizing that the common denominator was their mindset, made me pause and say, “I need to understand how to take hold of my mindset and how to direct my mindset. I need to treat my mindset much like you would muscle in a workout session.


If I can take my creativity, problem-solving, inspiration, vision, and passion, and turn them in the right way, my mindset becomes a compass. As a result, I receive clarity and purpose, which ultimately becomes the driving force of everything that I do.”


For today, what I want you to do is take just a moment, and stop and ask yourself, “Are you getting the results that you want? Do you see the successes that you want? Are you in a place where beyond happiness you have just presence and joy in what you are doing in your life?”


If not, I would submit to you that the key to unlocking that power, that skill, that ability is your mindset.


It is the single most important thing you can do after relationships with your family and your friends.


Knowing where you are going and where you want to be is key.  Your mindset is the secret weapon that successful entrepreneurs use.


Take Action:


Your activity today is to take a few minutes—whether you journal, just think about, doodle, or use a structured thought process to work things out—however you use your morning routine, the mindset is where you want to focus.


Evaluate and analyze where are you, what is working well, what is working against you, and how can you take control of how you think. Whatever you think about is what you draw toward yourself.


Think about that.