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Silly Thought, Big Impact

Silly Thought, Big Impact

It is all too simple to take a meme or thought like today’s Mindset for Today and toss it aside a ‘cute’ or ‘basic.’


I don’t blame you, I used to think the same.


But then I took a shot and decided to start pre-loading my day and my thoughts with what I wanted to see happen instead of waking up and waiting to see what would happen.


I am not talking about fantasy thinking or just positivity.


I am talking about making specific intentional action-focused thought. Anything less is just wishful want and not structured, mental positioning.


So, how do you know the difference and how do you measure your progress?


Simple, take a good hard look at the end of the day to see if your actions support your plan or are they filled with busy-ness instead.


Intentional thought should motivate you to win more and more every day.


Think about that.


Straight Talk

Straight Talk

Okay…I hate to be the one to bring it up, but I have to ask.


Do you live in constant turmoil and chaos?


If so, and if you do not like it, you may want to take a good hard look inside.


Today’s Mindset is a solid challenge to ask if we are one of those people who bring out the best in others, OR if we are one of those people who put everyone into a tailspin.




Now, I bet for you, that is not true.


When we strive to be our best, we bring out the best in others.  And when you commit to helping others feel great about themselves, that “best” goes up exponentially.


Simple principle. You get back whatever you put out into the world.  Be positive, you get positive.

Be negative, you get….well, you know what happens then.


My challenge and encouragement to you is this…

Be the best you can be –

Bring the best energy you can –

Speak from a place of encouragement –

Show up daily –

Serve someone daily on purpose for no reason.


Think about that.

Energy in Community

Energy in Community

I will confess that I fought this idea for a long time. As a textbook introvert, I tried to ‘go it alone’ for quite some time and never really knew the power of community.


Instead, I would develop ideas, plans, and paths in a vacuum and did not really want others’ input.


So, no wonder that I often created things that were off target and not highly sought after by my potential clients.


Why would they? I was not testing anything with anyone.  I was just doing what I wanted to do, and then hoping the world would want to buy it from me.


Wrong path.


Now, with friend in both life and work, I have a must more well-rounded view of where I am and how I should best show up as me.


Now, with wise counsel and trusted friends all around, I am making better decisions and enjoy the process so much more.


Who knew?


Step out of the vacuum. The weather is fine.


Think about that.

Super Clear Thoughts

Super Clear Thoughts

This Mindset for Today is one of the most powerful and useful tools I have learned and now teach.


If you do not take anything else from all of the information that I put out there, pay attention to this.


It is none of your business what others think about you.


The day I took this concept to heart, my life and business changed dramatically.


Why? Because comparison to others and listening to other’s assessment about you is of no value to you.


You have to be true to who you are and how you want to be presented in the world.  Without that clarity, you will be yanked and pulled in different directions nearly every day.


And from personal experience, you do not want that.


The easy way to win here – don’t listen (or even know) what others think of you.


Think about that.

Even If You Have to Squint

Even If You Have to Squint

One of the best practices you can have is the ability to find one positive thing in your day no matter how tough it might have been.


This special skill can literally save your life.


How do I know? It saved mine.


I remember back to when I was neck deep in the middle of a tough divorce and a business bankruptcy. I thought everything in my life was lost forever and never going to get better again.


But then I stopped and realized that if I did not take control of my mind, I was going to lose my mind—and probably my life as well.


But how do I start? There was nothing good going on…(or so I thought.)


Then, my oldest daughter called for no reason at all, just to check on me and say, ‘hey.’  There is was…


My one good thing for the day that gave me a place to start.


I realized that I was loved, and that if just that one thing were true, I could rebuild the rest. And so, I did.  Finding that one thing positive on one dark day allowed me to go from divorced and bankrupt to build a multi-6-figure business back all in that year.


No matter how dark things are….find your one thing today.


Think about that.