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Life on Purpose

Life on Purpose

This week at Mindset Engine is packed with wisdom.


Are you living on purpose or on dreams? That is a great question.


I know so many hard-working entrepreneurs and leaders who strive and spend a great many hours of effort to achieve their dream.


How many actually work to achieve their purpose? What about you?

Those with purpose know why they are doing what they do. They know what they need to be doing—down to the minute—and, are clear about measuring their results.


Dreamers simply think about their outcome but fail to build the necessary clarity steps to know what to do when.


As a result, great minds achieve their purpose will other sit on the sidelines frustrated.

Where are you?

Are you actively and methodically building your dream on purpose or are you hoping, wishing, and praying for a lightning strike to reach you new success?


One will work. One will frustrate.


Choose wisely.


Think about that.

The Last 10%

The Last 10%

Every entrepreneur I know will tell you that the last 10% of any project is always the hardest, always takes the longest, and always costs more.


I am not completely sure why that is true, but my experience is the same.  Everything always takes longer than we plan.


For many, it takes longer because we operate our business responsively rather than proactively. So that by the time we pay attention at the necessary level, we see things that need to be corrected to re-done.


But still the underlying challenge with any project getting done is the perspective and resolve with which we approach it.


I have found that using mini sprints works for me if I am ‘under the gun’ on a project.  Simple 33-minute sprints work for me.  Short focused bursts of energy and tasks work perfectly. I just set a timer on my phone, close everything else off and work to the buzzer.


Today I get more done in the first 2-4 hours of the day than I used to in an 11-hour day. Finding the right rhythm was key.


Think about that.

Moving Up

Moving Up

Any process of growth is going to have struggle and challenge.  As we have learned before, fixed mindset people see that struggle as uphill, hard, and painful.  Growth mindset people see struggle as the required steps for opportunity.


Which are you?


Some might say that the growth mindset is just positive thinking, but I know that true mindset is far more than that. Mindset is about where you come from in approaching success and struggle.


Any entrepreneur or leader worth their salt knows their share of struggle—it comes with the territory.


But that territory, if approached the right way is rich with knowledge, wisdom, and clarity for those who choose to see it.


Take Action:

How do you approach adversity and struggle?  Do you get in your head, worry and fret, and labor over the challenge?  OR do you realize that worry and regret only steal from your problem-solving and creative abilities?

One of those two will serve you well.  The other will just make your tired and spent with nothing to show for it.


Think about that.

Claim the Time

Claim the Time

There is no substitute for a clear vision and hard work.


No matter the goal or the topic, nothing ever happens if we just sit about and wait on things to happen. We have to get up and take action.


But to make the days count, you have to do much more than just take action.


The best way to reach a big goal is to break it down into smaller more achievable sections.

If you want to lose 40 lbs., state your goal, write it down, and then start working diligently on the next 5 lbs. off.


The same goes for business goals.  If you want to reach $1 Million, you break it down into $50,000s or $100,000s to get where you want to go.
If we focus only on the final goal, we will never experience real momentum and most likely will end up giving up.


Break it down, then blow it away.


Think about that.

We All Have an Equal Share (Today)

We All Have an Equal Share (Today)


In a day and age when everyone is scouring for time and seemingly in a rush for this or that, today’s Mindset focus in right on “time.”



It is not about multi-tasking or productivity and efficiency.  What we need to focus on is making time.



By that, I mean that we should be hyper-intentional about our priorities and what we choose to use our time for.



As a busy business owner, this reality is all to challenging day to day.  I am learning to focus on the tasks and processes that only I can do, or that I am the best in the world at.  Then, I hire out support team members to handle the other things that steal my time.



All too often, we fail to engage others sooner rather than later.  As a result, we end up burning or squandering time that we will not ever get back.



Add to all of this the fact that I am getting older. So, time is more valuable today than ever before for me.  I simply do not want to waist time doing things that are not my highest and best use.



So, before you worry about time, first consider what should you stop doing.  Then, focus on what you start or continue doing.

Make every effort to use your time as wisely as possible.  Your happiness and success depend on it.



Think about that.