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Mindset of Greatness

Mindset of Greatness

Michael Jordan is, without question, one of the greatest athletes of all time.

One of the big reasons why is because he is known for embracing failure. There were several times and seasons in his life where he did not make the winning shot or when he didn’t make the team.

Michael Jordan will tell you that his determination to learn from every failure, and to use that as the path to his next success, was the secret ingredient that gave him a Hall of Fame career and a legendary world reputation.

Take action:

For your action today, I want you to look at your last struggle, or your last failure, your last project that didn’t work out the way you wanted it to, and ask yourself this, “Did I learn from it? Do I appreciate the lesson?”

When you learn and appreciate struggle—and even failure—you put yourself on the brink of success.

Think about that.


Packing Your Bags?

Packing Your Bags?

Coming from an individual who seemingly had every reason to simply lay down and give up on life, today’s Mindset is a valuable glimpse into the mind and perspective of Helen Keller.

Although stricken by physical limitations, she was an adventurer at heart and lived her life wide open and full.

This important lesson on perspective is one we need to be reminded of daily.

So how are you living your life? Safe or as an adventure? Do you actually know?

For many, we often see our life as far more adventurous than it is. We want to believe that we are taking significant risks when in reality, we are merely acting out a carefully scripted scene.

Life—real life—occurs when we let go and be our most free and true selves. Without that brave jump, we end up just existing rather than truly living.

Where are you?

Think about that.

Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts

Although it sounds cliché, the power of a real relationship is nothing short of miraculous.


Take it from me with first-hand experience, a real relationship can hold you strong, heal your hurts, encourage your downs, and fulfill a world of emotions and needs.


However, having and maintaining a relationship of this type is no small task. It is not something I consider work, but it does take attention and intentionality.


The key is that a true relationship like we are discussing cannot be a “take only” function by either member.  It takes both people leaning in constantly.


So my encouragement to you this day is simple.


Search for a relationship like this with all your heart. And if you do not have it already, be intentional, show up daily, and love like your life depends on it.


Obviously, we create our own stability and joy, but it is a great reminder that when we are fully present, we are able to be available and joy-full for others.


Think about that.

Evolution of the Success Mindset

Evolution of the Success Mindset

There is an interesting phenomenon when you look at how mindset plays a pivotal role in our success.


Mindset is the spine of our success.


As today’s mindset graphic shares with us, those who believe we can’t and those who believe we can are both correct. I’ve always said, “whatever you believe about your future is completely correct, whether it happens to be true or not.”


If we are saying “I won’t” or “I can’t,” we absolutely are going to be correct and will not be able to get to where we want to go.


Now, I’m not so foolish as to believe that simply by thinking about something will get you there. You still must do the hard work.


If you are dealing in a fixed mindset that is limited and frustrated, there is little to no chance you can succeed.


If you believe it can’t be done, it won’t be done.


If you believe that you can do it, then you can get there. You just need the right thoughts, the right words, and the right actions.


Take Action:

Record yourself in key conversations for a week.  Then, listen back while you are driving or at another alone time.  Your words will very quickly expose where your mindset is.


I dare you to listen to yourself.


Think about that.