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I’ll just say it…Ouch!

I’ll just say it…Ouch!

Sometimes the Mindset of the Day just stings a bit, and today’s is no exception. Getting comfortable in your own skin sounds easy but it can fool you.


Why is that? The primary reason is fear and the secondary reason is comparison.


Fear over whether or not we will be liked, believed, or laughed at; And, when comparison creeps in—which is the thief of joy—we are sunk.


It took me quite some time to get comfortable in my own skin from a business standpoint.  I was sure everyone—and I mean EVERYONE—was doing far better than me.




These days it no longer matters to me if I am doing better or not.  I focus on what I want and how I am going to get there.  Then, I pay attention to execute better than anyone else.


Some days I still stumble from time to time, but overall I like where I am and who I am.

It takes time and practice.  Plus, I will tell you the sense of being settled and at peace is spectacular.


Go ahead. Give it a try.


Think about that.

How Are Ya Livin’?

How Are Ya Livin’?

One of my best friends, client, and business partner is Dr. Rick Rigsby.  He tells a story of his dad who was a third grade dropout and used to ask him all the time when Rick was young, “Son, how ya livin?”


Now at the time, Mr. Rigsby was making sure his boys were staying in check behaviorally.  Today I want to ask it a little differently.


All too often, we slip into living in our fears. We get spooked and see risks as bigger than they are—if we even see them at all.


I prefer to live in my dreams, but honestly, I often backslide into old habits.


That is why I practice intentionality in every area of my life that I can.  I know that my business, my life, my joy, my relationship, my spirituality, and my life’s purpose all hinge on how I am diligent to work on those areas.


Success does not just spontaneously appear, you have to create it.


So, how ya livin’? In fear or in fierce?


Think about that.




An Upward Word

An Upward Word

I am always cautious when addressing anything around the topic of religion and faith.  I want to be respectful of your tradition or freedom to not have a tradition.


That being said, faith is very important for me and the role of prayer is central to who I am as a human being.


I do not see prayer as a “Lord, gimme…” situation.  No, rather I see prayer as a time for me to become quiet, centered, and let the act of prayer change me over my circumstances.


I use prayer to seek out ways and places where I can serve others.


As a result, prayer really is the most important conversation of the day.  Without it, I find myself scattered. I prefer to be centered and grounded.


So my hope for you is this—no matter your tradition—find your higher power and speak often.


The practice and the quiet will do you good.


Think about that.


How You Think Matters

How You Think Matters

For years, I have placed myself in the trap of the pursuit of perfection. Add to that a healthy dose of the disease of comparison and you are guaranteed to feel beat up and defeated often.


I am not advocating being slack or lazy or delivering a sub-standard product.  However, I am saying that we are going to have set-backs from time to time and there will always be those who tell you that your goal is unattainable.


Hogwash. (Arkansas-raised term for ‘wrong’)


All my life I have had people tell me that I was reaching too far or setting myself up for failure.

I content that if you do not set yourself up for failure, not never really have the chance to achieve greatness.

Risk and effort are required to reach a reward.


Obstacles and doubters are just part of the journey and should be expected.  And when you do expect them, it is far easier to hear their opinions, learn what you can and dismiss the rest.


I know what I am capable of. I just have to find the path to deliver the best me I can.


Think about that.



Normal, Acceptance, and Being Exceptional

Normal, Acceptance, and Being Exceptional

Isn’t it odd that when we were little kids, we were wildly in pursuit of being original, creative, and complete free to be us.


But then something happens about the time we first go to school.


We instantly were catapulted into a scenario where we flip the other way and fixate on how can we just fit in and be one of the normal kids like everyone else?


I remember that happening in my life.


And still, I deeply wanted to be different, unique, and the most interesting persona I knew.  However, the allure of ‘belonging’ was just too great and I gave in for the cause of being accepted.


Sadly, in my heart, I knew that I did not fit in.  So I spent a lot of my young adulthood at war with who I played to be and who I actually was.


Enter – mid-life crisis.  LOL


But the truth is that our amazing self is right there and has been all the time.  When we believe in who we are and how we were created, we become the most powerful we can be on this earth.


There is no one in the entire universe that is exactly like you.  As a result, if you don’t show up, my world is left with a void.


Why don’t we commit today to show up for one another?


Think about that.