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A Common Misunderstanding

A Common Misunderstanding

EASY is a concept often misunderstood. People are always looking for the magic bullet. Many are looking for a short cut or path that gets them something with relatively no effort.


When you talk to people who are wildly successful in business and entrepreneurship, the truth becomes very clear.


Easy is something that you create. It’s a combination of hard work and learning. It understands that for you to get where you want to go, you have to have the right mindset to start. You have to have the right strategic model to follow and disciplined action. You have to do the hard work.


Hard work is much more about doing the right things for the right reason at the right time.


Take Action:

Are you creating easy for yourself or are you looking for easy for yourself? One of them will give you success.


I suggest you look at the Vision365 tool in the resources area of the app.  This powerful tool will help you map out what “easy” can look like for you.


Think about that.


Make Things Work for You, Not Against You

Make Things Work for You, Not Against You

I get asked all the time, “what it is that makes successful people successful?” or, “why is that when someone has a particular success that they tend to have another and another?”

The truth is that success really does happen when your dreams and your desires get bigger than your excuses.

I wanted to be in personal coaching for quite some time and wanted to create something like Mindset Engine to give away to help other people achieve a healthy, focused mindset.

For me, I had to get to the place where my desire for success became greater than my excuses.  Then, and only then, did I take strong forward action and put myself out there.

Was I scared?  You bet!  But I quickly realized that all of us fight the challenge of fear and self-doubt.

Once you learn to make your mind work for you instead of against you, you have the ability to do virtually anything.

Take Action:

Grab your journal or your phone, tablet, or the journal function in this app—whatever it is that you use to take notes on and ask yourself, what is holding you back? What is keeping you from where you want to be?

Before you allow yourself to accept those things, look at each statement that you’ve written down and asked yourself why.

Why is that holding you back?

What is that you could do differently and break through to your goal?

Excuses are like a warm, comfortable blanket on a cold day. But ultimately, excuses deny us the ability to experience life and the success we want.

You have to pay attention and be brutally honest with yourself. It is super easy to get caught in a life of excuses where you miss the success and the dreams that you want. Mindset will give you a giant step forward.

Think about that.



Often Overlooked

Often Overlooked

Paying close attention to your health is as much a business decision as it is a health decision.  Of course, there are great benefits from a healthy lifestyle.  However, what is often overlooked is the distinct business advantage from being healthy.

For years, I really never thought that much about it.  I would make a healthy choice here and there, but overall I just did (or did not do) whatever I chose and did not think that my health had that much to do with my business.

I could not have been more wrong.

Now I will admit.  I am a foodie.  I love great food, wine, all of it.  But everything in moderation is a principle that rings true.

Within about three to four days of re-working my personal nutrition and workout routine, my mind gained clarity and focus like you would not believe. It actually surprised me quite a bit.

So I encourage you to think about how you can improve your nutrition, workout, water intact, sleep schedule, etc.  ALL of these things have a significant factor in how your body serves you in your goals.

I am certain you will be pleasantly surprised.


Take Action:

Grab your journal, the app journal or some notetaking mechanism and begin right now listing all the food, water, other beverages, snacks, and things you take in your body today.  Continue this tracking for a full even days.  Just take notes, don’t make a huge adjustment immediately.

Let your body tell you what it is consuming. You may be shocked (like I was).

I’ll just say it…Ouch!

I’ll just say it…Ouch!

Sometimes the Mindset of the Day just stings a bit, and today’s is no exception. Getting comfortable in your own skin sounds easy but it can fool you.


Why is that? The primary reason is fear and the secondary reason is comparison.


Fear over whether or not we will be liked, believed, or laughed at; And, when comparison creeps in—which is the thief of joy—we are sunk.


It took me quite some time to get comfortable in my own skin from a business standpoint.  I was sure everyone—and I mean EVERYONE—was doing far better than me.




These days it no longer matters to me if I am doing better or not.  I focus on what I want and how I am going to get there.  Then, I pay attention to execute better than anyone else.


Some days I still stumble from time to time, but overall I like where I am and who I am.

It takes time and practice.  Plus, I will tell you the sense of being settled and at peace is spectacular.


Go ahead. Give it a try.


Think about that.

How Are Ya Livin’?

How Are Ya Livin’?

One of my best friends, client, and business partner is Dr. Rick Rigsby.  He tells a story of his dad who was a third grade dropout and used to ask him all the time when Rick was young, “Son, how ya livin?”


Now at the time, Mr. Rigsby was making sure his boys were staying in check behaviorally.  Today I want to ask it a little differently.


All too often, we slip into living in our fears. We get spooked and see risks as bigger than they are—if we even see them at all.


I prefer to live in my dreams, but honestly, I often backslide into old habits.


That is why I practice intentionality in every area of my life that I can.  I know that my business, my life, my joy, my relationship, my spirituality, and my life’s purpose all hinge on how I am diligent to work on those areas.


Success does not just spontaneously appear, you have to create it.


So, how ya livin’? In fear or in fierce?


Think about that.