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Packing Your Bags?

Packing Your Bags?

Coming from an individual who seemingly had every reason to simply lay down and give up on life, today’s Mindset is a valuable glimpse into the mind and perspective of Helen Keller.

Although stricken by physical limitations, she was an adventurer at heart and lived her life wide open and full.

This important lesson on perspective is one we need to be reminded of daily.

So how are you living your life? Safe or as an adventure? Do you actually know?

For many, we often see our life as far more adventurous than it is. We want to believe that we are taking significant risks when in reality, we are merely acting out a carefully scripted scene.

Life—real life—occurs when we let go and be our most free and true selves. Without that brave jump, we end up just existing rather than truly living.

Where are you?

Think about that.

Can Desire and Gratitude Coexist?

Can Desire and Gratitude Coexist?

A desire for things can be a great motivator but can also steal energy from our sense of gratitude for what we already have.

Wisdom teaches us how to balance these two forces and channel them into a healthy force to propel us forward.

It is from a sense of gratitude that we learn to value and respect what we have in a deeper and new way.  And my experience has been that the more grateful I am, the less I find myself “needing” more.  I simple am far more at peace and more satisfied by that which I have.

But, you and I both like new and nice things, right?

I try to focus on “new” things as rewards for my next goals.  Rather than just focusing on what I can buy for sheer want, I use them to help catapult me forward to my goals and achievements.

I HIGHLY recommend every attempt to find balance between what we have and what we want.

Think about that.


Way Overdue Release

Way Overdue Release

Don’t feel bad. We all struggle letting go of things in our life that we cannot control.

Whether a relationship, a past business failure, or something so terrible we do not want to speak of it, I know that the past can weigh heavily on us all if we do not deal with it appropriately.

That being said, we must find ways to let go of things we cannot change.

When we hang on to futile ideas and goals that are beyond our reach, we are acting as a thief of our current and future success. In particular, your creativity and problem solving are the first victims of unreleased past issues.

But the freedom…

OH, the freedom and joy that come rushing in when we finally admit and let go of things beyond our control. Momentum, energy, clarity, all of that and much more are yours to control once you learn to release.

But how do you do that?

First, you must learn to identify what you can and cannot change.  The list is far shorter than you might think.

Then, prioritize based upon importance, not urgency.

Change everything you can. Let go of everything you cannot.

Think about that.

Living Out Loud

Living Out Loud

Do you know what your WHY is? Do you know your purpose?


For a lot of business owners and leaders, they would say it was their family.  But I think that is too simple.


Of course, we all work and build to provide for our family, but is that your WHY and your Purpose?


My WHY is freedom and autonomy.


I do what I do because I want to be free to live and work the way I want to, when I want to. Yes, I do so to provide for my wife and four girls, but not solely to provide.  I could do that through any old job.


I do what I do because I LOVE to help people get unlocked and released from what holds you back, so that you can live and operate in your maximum genius.


Because I love helping people achieve their genius, I cannot help but challenge myself to be better in every area of life so I can be as impactful as possible.


My purpose drives my WHY. My why drives my effort.  My effort drives my excellence.


Think about that.

On Your Mark…Get Set…

On Your Mark…Get Set…

For years, I treated my search for success and financial independence like a race rather than a journey. I was consumed with accomplishment, but not for the right reasons.


I spent years in the comparison race, thinking I needed to achieve more so others would respect me. Wrong.


Now, I respect myself first and foremost.


When I do, success comes toward me rather than me chasing it with all I am.  Isn’t it funny that as soon as we get past the comparison game, we seem to attract what we were so desperately chasing.


I have found that once we release the “thoughts” of others, we find an inward confidence and peace that is obvious to those around us.


Oh yeah—there is one other thing.  Give yourself some space to observe the process.  The journey has an incredible view if we will just look up every now and again and don’t let life just pass you by.


Think about that.