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The Value of Being Present

The Value of Being Present

Being present take real effort. All too often as entrepreneurs, we find ourselves fixated on tasks or action and lose sight of WHY we are doing
WHAT we are doing.


The result is that squander our ability to be present—often missing the real value of the experience itself.


We both are working hard to build our businesses, and we both want it done, up, and running to get us where we want to go. However, there is wisdom in the journey, wisdom in the people we interact with, and wisdom in the personal, internal growth that can be ours when we put ourselves out into the marketplace.


We would both do well to pay attention to this truth.


Particularly for an internet-based business like mine, it is all too easy to see “markets” and “buckets” instead of people. No matter how far technology may come in being able to customize a consumer’s experience with our brand, in the end, we are in the business of investing in people and enhancing their lives and their dreams.


That is why I share this with you every day.


Take Action:


I encourage you to take a few minutes right now and really think about how many in your audience do you interact with personally? How do you glean real information from a live person rather than from a graph or chart in analytics?


What can you dramatically improve? How can you really learn to be present and listen to your tribe?


Think about that.

Remembering the Future…

Remembering the Future…

Is all too easy to get caught up in paralyzing thought about your future. Often, we allow ourselves to think that something is outside our reach.


I know that as a coach and mentor for entrepreneurs and leaders, it is so common that is almost funny—except it is debilitating.


Whatever your passion or goal, remembering today’s Mindset is a HUGE resource that will help you get to where you want to go.


In fact, just the other day, I was on an interview call with an entrepreneur with an 8-figure business, and they said, “All of us—every entrepreneur I know—thinks too little of their own worth.”


I find that challenging.


Take Action:


So, what do we do about this challenge?  The answer is both simple and difficult. Set your goal and then focus on the process that will get you there—NOT on the goal itself.


Let me explain:  If your goal is to grow your business to $1,000,000, that is great.  But if you only dwell on the end result, you will be plagued with setbacks and frustrations.


Instead, focus on the actions and the processes that will get you to your goal.  Be excellent at every step, and your goal will come to you.


HINT: Get out of your head and take action every single day (with excellence).


Think About That.

A Lifetime Truth

A Lifetime Truth

Not that long ago, I was invited to come speak to a young sports team. The coach had asked if I would give a little talk about the greatest truth that I’d ever learned from being an entrepreneur.


The choice of what I would share with them was very simple, and it’s contained in our mindset for today.


In order to be successful, in order to achieve, in order to excel above those around you, you have to stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and you have to constantly think and dwell upon what will go right.


People who see themselves as successful;


People who envision what it’s like to win;


People who focus on what it will feel like to achieve what you want to achieve;


Have a ninety plus percent greater likelihood of achieving their dreams.


Once I learned that, I knew that there was nothing in my life or business that was out of my reach.


Think About That.


Light in Darkness

Light in Darkness

To an entrepreneur, struggle, setback, and frustrations are not only common, but sadly often frequent. Some of that is beyond our control and some is completely self-induced. But any entrepreneur that has experienced success will tell you that their victory was defined in the struggle, not on the highs of the finish line.  And the difference is greatly tied to your perspective on the journey.

When you face challenges, how you respond greatly determines how you finish.  Having a solid framework and mental belief model that can keep you on track and your of your head, is key.

Sadly, for years I did not know this.  And instead, believe that if I just worked longer, harder, faster, and better I would win. Although I did from time to time, I sacrificed a lot of things in the early days to the expense of my effort.

I encourage you not to do that.

Struggle is necessary, but it does not have to be common, eternal, or fatal. If you find yourself living in a constant state of struggle and chaos, it might be that much of that is because of your actions—even without realizing it.

The good news is that all of those things can be changed.  And this change starts with mindset.

With the proper mindset, uncertainty and fear turn to determination, grit, and savvy. I highly recommend that path to your current path. I have come to a place where I am thankful for those early struggles.  If I had not had to deal with them, I would not have near the satisfaction and peace that I do today.

The light of the stars on the darkest night is the purest illumination to your path.

Think about that.

Better Questions, Better Answers

Better Questions, Better Answers

I was working on the content for Mindset Engine recently and realized that I had made a terrible mistake. The cost of that mistake was time, and was going to require me to rework elements of this project that were going to take a week and a half to two weeks to redo.


At first, I was frustrated, but then by paying attention to what I coach and teach on—the things that you hear and see in Mindset Engine—I realized that, although it was a mistake, it had given me the ability to question my process.


The result is that so that I have better answers, better results, and a better plan.


Once I went through and thought about what I really needed to be doing, based upon what I learned from my mistakes, I realized that the change would only take a day or two.


Our mind has the ability to trick us, and fool us into believing something is going to be more difficult than it is. We worry about things that, more than likely, will never happen.


Once we learn to open our mind to problem solving, and creativity, we are that many more steps closer than finding our highest and best success.


Think about that.