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Under Pressure (do-do-Doot du-du-DO-DOOT)

Under Pressure (do-do-Doot du-du-DO-DOOT)

Sorry, I could not resist the Queen reference, but there is serious truth in this Mindset for Today.


We’ve all had struggles from time-to-time, but some are far harder than others.


Sure, a surprise setback and serious life event can take you down quickly, but the path out is greatly determined by how you carry it and how you get up.


For some, carrying a hardship becomes a security blanket of limited thinking.  Sure it comforts you at first, but eventually strangles away any hope for a better life and a way out.


I used to be that way.


Today, I have grown to realize that any challenge, if met with my full presence and creative problem-solving ability, can be overcome, managed, or walked away from pretty easily.


How I choose to see it, deal with it, and move past it makes all the difference.


There are lessons to learn—once. I have no interest in continually living in set-backs.

I may fall down, but I will definitely rise every time.


Think about that.

Why Goals Work

Why Goals Work

I will say it plain. I have zero interest in participation trophies and making sure everyone is treated the same.  Fairly, yes—but the same no way!

Competition in sports and in music when I was young, made me who I am today.  I discovered that when I worked hard and set a goal, I could achieve anything I wanted to.


Sure, there was always that person that was better than me at a sport or at the piano, but the most valuable lesson came from there as well: Comparison is the thief of joy.

Once I realized that competing with myself to do better than ever before IS the way to grow and mature.


I am all for building self-esteem, and I realize we live in a different era than when I was young, but honestly, I know we are doing our little ones and our legacy wrong by shielding others from the lessons of competing.


We need goals and we need to fall short of them from time to time.  The lesson from this—that sometimes additional, extra second and third try effort—is required for success.


Had I not learned this, I would still be sitting on the sidelines of life.


No, thank you.

Think about that.

Clear Sailing (Almost)

Clear Sailing (Almost)

Our future is ours for the making.  That may sound a bit wishful or simply motivational, however, it is largely true—if we allow it to be true.


Here’s the deal.


We can do and create almost anything we want, but we ultimately have to deal with (and clear) our past.  In doing so, you break free of your past—perceived or otherwise.


Why is that important?

If there has been something challenging in your past, it is very easy to remember it worse than it actually was.


That is why I make a habit of pocketing wisdom from any situation and then make a habit of letting the rest go.


Having gone through a personally bankruptcy and a divorce within the same six-month period, I can tell you first hand that learning from the past but then letting go, is critical.

I would not be here today sharing with you had I not figured out how to learn and move on.


I encourage you to learn and deploy this skill daily.


Think about that.


Profound Simplicity

Profound Simplicity

I am a massive fan of profound simplicity.  Any principle that can be boiled down to the level of this Mindset for Today is for me.


That “little extra” makes all the difference in hitting a goal and slaying a goal.


I do not know about you, but I love the idea of slaying my goals.


But I must caution you here.  Effort alone is not the definition of the “little extra.”


Often, a “little extra” can mean working smarter, not harder. Also, learning to look for leveraged solutions or cooperative efforts so you your results are not dependent solely upon you.


There are many ways to get that “little extra.” You just have to be committed, hungry, and disciplined.


That last one—disciplined—is also a secret weapon of mine.

Knowing that just showing up consistently and with discipline puts you ahead of about 85% of those in your market.  The real winners do what has to be done, especially when they don’t feel like it and when others have resorted to the sidelines.


Be extraordinary.


Think about that.



I Completely Relate

I Completely Relate

This Mindset for Today is spot on for my life. Having gone through a bankruptcy and divorce within the same six-month period, I can definitely relate to rock bottom.


The question is how you rise.


For many, the choice is to wrap yourself in the pain and sorrow as a means of “coping.” I don’t agree with that approach.


All too often we hang on to past events and sometimes use them as an excuse for not getting where we want to go.  I choose to do something different.


I choose to grab the lessons from the struggle of the moment and then move on.  Learn what you can and let go of the rest.


When you do, you maintain a posture of onward, upward, and forward.


For me, anything less would have taken me down hard and for a long time.  Thank goodness I was aware and able to keep my head above water.


I know many who struggle daily with their past.


It is time to let go and just go.  Your future will thank you in a big way.


Think about that.