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Lessons from a Legend

Lessons from a Legend

Call me silly, but when a legend offers to give you advice, you listen, right? Especially, if that legend was such for over 70 years.


B.B. King was a life-long learner and was often noted as being a student of other musicians, no matter their age. He loved to learn from everyone.


There is a great lesson here for us.


Imagine being at the top of your craft for a lifetime and still being compelled to learn even more.  That is truly remarkable and probably what made him even more of a legend when still with us.


Truth is, it is a common trait among uber-successful people that I know. All have a habit of being a life-long student.


That is a great challenge to us all.

How do you like to learn? I choose to focus on areas of health, profession, relationships, spirituality, hobbies, and life purpose. As a result, these topics build me to a stronger and better person.


I challenge you to commit to learning forever.


Think about that.