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Give It Time, Make It Time

Give It Time, Make It Time

I am a firm believer in providence and fully believe that what is meant to be will eventually be.


BUT, at the same time I believe just as much in the principle that we must be fully engaged in making every attempt to build your future the way you want.


These two concepts are not at war with one another.


The key is how you balance drive and rest.  Yes, I believe there are forces in the universe that are at work on our behalf to bring out the very best good for us.


And at the same time, I know there are forces around us that would love to see us sit quietly and line up like everyone else.


But if you are here, I am pretty sure that is not what you want, right?


Don’t you have something to say and are actively working to show up in your true presence and voice?

I thought so.

So you go! Keep working hard while also trusting in the truth that what is meant to be will ultimately be.


Think about that.

Thinking and Learning

Thinking and Learning

Honestly, I had never really thought about it much until I came across this Mindset for Today. But now, I have to admit that I have made this mistake in my past more frequently than I care to admit.


I love to learn, but sometimes I have to say that I was not learning. I was just going through intellectual gymnastics.


True learning requires change and implementation.


It is not enough to simply absorb—that is merely thinking.


I want to be a learner who is constantly improving, evolving, and moving forward on every level possible. THEN, will I be on track to become the person I want to be.


Earlier today, I was in a coffee shop and at the next table over was a group of University professors.  I have to admit I caught myself eavesdropping.


But it was not long until I realized that there was a host of knowledge at that table that was purely consumed with the love affair of knowledge.


There was not an ounce of outbound change.

(at least not from what I overheard.)

Although we need great minds among us, I believe we need far more implementors of knowledge than keepers of knowledge.


I want to be an implementor who is committed to changing the lives of those around us.


How about you?


Think about that.

It’s All Coming into Focus

It’s All Coming into Focus

Oh Snap! Sometimes these Mindsets for Today get a little close to home, right?


I live by an internal law that says, ‘Whatever you focus on, you attract.’ That is certainly true with today’s quote.


When you think about problems, you find them everywhere. And likewise, when you think about opportunities, you tend to see those more often as well.


So, is it really that easy? Can you just think your way to better opportunities? The answer is yes, and no.


It certainly is the right start to begin looking for the opportunities that exist around you. But you cannot simple sit by and wait, only looking. You have to get up and take action too.


So, when do you know when to sit and when to act?

That is a tough answer, but my experience tells me that the more you try, the more you will learn when is right for you.


Now that my business is quite a ways along, I am finding that I am saying no to things far more often than I used to.  But the secret is in learning what to say YES to.


Keep going. You will find your way.


Think about that.

Imperfect Action > Perfect Inaction

Imperfect Action > Perfect Inaction

One of the greatest and most common limiting factors we all deal with is the desire for perfection that keeps us from completing.


We all want to be perfect, but in our desire for perfection, we often fall prey to inaction or even paralysis analysis.


We over think and under do.


Why is that?

Part of it is a truly noble desire to be the best—I get that.  But more times than not, our inaction is the outflow of resistance where we psych ourselves out by worrying what others will think.


Don’t give in to this simple hindrance.


The best thing you can do for yourself, your business, and your confidence is to keep moving…always.


People are less critical than you think and most will never know that it is not as perfect as you envision. Simply pair your constant forward action with a strong desire to continuously improve and you will be fine.


I promise.


Think about that.

Lasting Treasures

Lasting Treasures

I know we talk all the time about being a life-long student.  I cannot emphasize it enough.

There is a common denominator among all the uber-successful entrepreneurs and leaders that I know personally.


They are all life-long, veracious learners.
Many miss the point and come to think that these successful individuals spend so much time learning because they are successful and have the time.


No, it is actually the other way round.  They spend so much time learning because it is what makes them wildly successful.


Learning is the best investment you can make in your future success.


One caveat, however. Learning alone will not get you to where you want to go.  It requires its other half—action.


When paired together, that combo can give you many of the tools required to get to where you want to go.


Waiting or hoping for success is futile.  The right path is to be a life-long learner, full of action and simply go create your future rather than waiting on it.


Let’s go.


Think about that.