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Making the Shift

Making the Shift

Dr. Carol Dweck wrote a book called Mindset, where she explored the difference between those who have a fixed mindset versus those that have a growth mindset.


If you’re interested in how to take control of your mindset so that you can have it work for you, rather than against you, I would highly recommend this book.


Basically, the concept says is that those who have a fixed mindset come at problem-solving with what cannot be done, or what they don’t have. Those who have a growth mindset immediately and naturally look at what resources they do have and what solutions that they already know they can bring to the table.


It’s the ability to move quicker to make those things happen versus responding.


The important thing about moving yourself to a growth mindset is that although you may not be born with one, I certainly was not, this is completely something that you can learn and redevelop.


I’ve mentioned several times that I’m naturally a skeptic and I used to look at problems and challenges with what I did not have.


But over time, I have shifted my momentum, my focus, my effort, my discipline, and by doing resetting my natural mindset.


This action has created a natural momentum in my business, whether it’s in mindset engine, or it’s in the group coaching that I do, or my high value private one-on-one clients.


This shift in moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset has made all of the difference for me, so much so that I know for a fact it can make all of the difference for you, and I welcome you to the journey.


Think about that.