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Required Struggle

Required Struggle

None of us like to struggle or face challenges.  We all want easy, smooth sailing all the time on way to our dreams.


But when you really think about it, all gain, learning, and progress forward comes more often out of adversity than it does from success.


Rarely do we learn the gold lessons in life from a time with everything is going beautifully.


So, what would life be like if we learned to embrace adversity and see it for what it is—a refining and molding of us toward our success?

How would your perspective and response change?


From personal experience, I can tell you that this idea made a significant difference in my life when I came to accept it.


Adversity is going to come, so why wouldn’t we prepare to gain from it rather than run, avoid, and ignore it.


I know the results for you will be far better when you do.


Think about that..

Making the Shift

Making the Shift

Dr. Carol Dweck wrote a book called Mindset, where she explored the difference between those who have a fixed mindset versus those that have a growth mindset.


If you’re interested in how to take control of your mindset so that you can have it work for you, rather than against you, I would highly recommend this book.


Basically, the concept says is that those who have a fixed mindset come at problem-solving with what cannot be done, or what they don’t have. Those who have a growth mindset immediately and naturally look at what resources they do have and what solutions that they already know they can bring to the table.


It’s the ability to move quicker to make those things happen versus responding.


The important thing about moving yourself to a growth mindset is that although you may not be born with one, I certainly was not, this is completely something that you can learn and redevelop.


I’ve mentioned several times that I’m naturally a skeptic and I used to look at problems and challenges with what I did not have.


But over time, I have shifted my momentum, my focus, my effort, my discipline, and by doing resetting my natural mindset.


This action has created a natural momentum in my business, whether it’s in mindset engine, or it’s in the group coaching that I do, or my high value private one-on-one clients.


This shift in moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset has made all of the difference for me, so much so that I know for a fact it can make all of the difference for you, and I welcome you to the journey.


Think about that.


Keys to the Happiest Place on Earth

Keys to the Happiest Place on Earth

I love Walt Disney, and everything about Disney World and Disneyland. I think it is incredible.

The creativity, the strategy, the gumption that was taken in building a media empire like Disney is nothing short of remarkable.


Interesting from our quote today that Walt Disney says, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” This come from a man who was challenged on every side, at every turn, and at several times, at key moments.


Just before the release of the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney was required to bet the viability and the future of the company on the success of that film.


He knew what his dream was, and he would stop at nothing to make it happen.


Now, I certainly understand that we have to be wise. We have to be shrewd in business. But, I also think we have to allow ourselves to dream. We must strategically allow our minds to see the vision and then to go create that destiny and create that future.


Your dreams have a purpose. It’s not to frustrate you, it is to inspire you.


Think About That.


Can We Change Ourselves?

Can We Change Ourselves?

Dr. Carol Dweck authored a book called Mindset, in which she unpacks much of the latest scientific research about the power of the mind, and the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset.


One of the more interesting segments comes towards the end of the book. She comes to the conclusion that research is indicating that our personality and perspective are a flexible, dynamic, and living thing.


We have the ability to change if we want to change. We have the ability to grow if we see ourselves growing. Our perception and our perspective determines more of our outcome than our circumstances.


Which are you? Growth or Fixed?


Think about that.


Living Authentically

Living Authentically

Have you ever noticed someone who comes from wealth—and I mean lifelong, legacy-type of wealth—very rarely feels the need to flaunt that wealth in front of others? While someone who has recently come into money—the “nouveau riche” as they call it—often flaunt their money in a grand manner, either by making wild outlandish purchases or, worse, just bragging about their worth.


Now, I can’t fault them in their exuberance for their new-found success, but I can say that once you come from a place of genuine achievement, once you become awakened, you feel less of the need to criticize or put others down in celebrating yourself.


I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a ton of mastermind groups, and inevitably there are some who feel the need to talk about how much bigger, greater, and faster everything is in their business. The people that I know in those groups that are incredibly successful. Many have $50, $70, and $100 million dollar companies and up. These folks are the often the most giving, the most loving, and the most compassionate of anyone I have met.


Why is that? It’s because once you awaken, you learn that you have no interest in judging those who sleep. You just know who you are. You become very centered. You know what you need to do, and you know that the secret is giving away your wisdom to help others. We should all strive to live in this way.


Think about that.