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Love Made Visible

Love Made Visible

One of the greatest pleasures of being an entrepreneur and building my own business is that I get to do what I love, the way that I want to.


And when it comes to my clients, I love being able to share tools and resources that can (and DO) change their lives in a very dramatic way.


You could say that I love my clients because I do.  I love who they are, as well as the good that they want to do in the world with all the money that we make together.


That is a pretty spectacular feeling.


I realize that having a job that you love may not seem like an important thing to you, but for me, I could not function well for very long if I did not believe in my work and know how impactful it is.


So, how might you show up in your work in a way that will love those that you serve?

I would love to see you try.


Think about that.

Required Struggle

Required Struggle

None of us like to struggle or face challenges.  We all want easy, smooth sailing all the time on way to our dreams.


But when you really think about it, all gain, learning, and progress forward comes more often out of adversity than it does from success.


Rarely do we learn the gold lessons in life from a time with everything is going beautifully.


So, what would life be like if we learned to embrace adversity and see it for what it is—a refining and molding of us toward our success?

How would your perspective and response change?


From personal experience, I can tell you that this idea made a significant difference in my life when I came to accept it.


Adversity is going to come, so why wouldn’t we prepare to gain from it rather than run, avoid, and ignore it.


I know the results for you will be far better when you do.


Think about that..

Pursuing Greatness

Pursuing Greatness

The leadership and experience that we bring into our lives as mentors and coaches makes all the difference in how we get to our dreams and goals.


Now, in full disclosure, as your author, Kevin Breeding, I am a professional mentor and coach for entrepreneurs and leaders.

But I will say that the role of the coaches and mentors I have invested with heavily over my life has made all the difference in the world.


We all need that experience and savvy that only a coach and mentor can bring.


The right mentor has been where you are, gotten significant results, taught others, and seen those others achieve similar or greater success.


ANY ONE who has not done all three of those steps above, is not qualified to receive your money—no matter how good their marketing material may sound.


Caveat Emptor.


Think about that.

How Far Can You Jump?

How Far Can You Jump?

Let’s face it. We can plan and think and consider and map out and do a million other things before we stop and take action. Why is that?


All too often we get enamored with the thought of success that we forget to actually take the leap of faith and get going.


Now, I will tell you as a person of faith, a true “Leap of Faith” is not a hope for the best jump.  No—a true leap of faith is action based upon what you know in your life that is certain, upon which you can base your jump.


I do not believe in blind faith, but rather well-tested faith that gives us certainty.


That way, when we are backed into a corner or when we are standing on the precipice of big move in our life, we can do so with confidence.


That leap of faith is not our last resort—at least it should not be.


Think about that.

Important Ingredient

Important Ingredient

This is an important saying around here at Mindset Engine.


Not only is happiness a choice, it is easily obtained by focusing on the thoughts you allow inside. Be careful.


I know, at first, it sounds silly and far too easy.  But truthfully, the way you approach life and the thought you allow in your mind will absolutely have a fantastic impact.


Of course, we will all have tough days and occasional challenges, but it is our response to those challenges that produces internal joy and happiness.


Our responses are a direct descendent of the thoughts and information we consume and hang on to.


So how do you know what you are currently allowing in your mind?


Fortunately, simply by asking a question like this, you open up your psyche to noticing your thought consumption easily.


As a little song in my childhood used to teach, “Oh be careful little eyes what you see. Oh be careful little ears what you hear…”

Serious truth in that if you want consistent happiness.


Think about that.