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Your Mindset Flashlight

Your Mindset Flashlight

I say to clients all the time that their success lies in the shadow work that we will do together over time.


Shadow work refers to the steps and thoughts that become our actions externally.  We all have a shadow side that deals with our fears, limiting thoughts, and that pesky internal voice that often scares us from action.


But your mindset flashlight exposes all of that and allows you to make your mindset work for you rather than against you.


It takes time and is never something you can just ignore. But over time, it is much much easier every day.


If you find yourself listening to that internal voice a little more than you should – being afraid, getting stuck with inaction, over analyzing and doing nothing when you know you need to move—grab your mindset flashlight and take a look around.


Mindset is the single most powerful tool you can have as an entrepreneur and leader.


Think about that.

As You Are

As You Are

Learning to assess people by their character is not only right, but it will make you better for doing so.


It is not as easy as it sounds.


Now, with that said, I also think it is important to be cautious about who you let in your inner circle.  Not guarding that space and be reckless and dangerous for you because you welcome potential poor advice.


But when you consider someone upon their character—the content of their hearts—you know exactly who is an asset to you and who is a distraction.


For leaders and entrepreneurs like you, this decision is key.


So, there are two big lessons in today’s mindset focus:


1) Do the right thing and judge others based upon their character, not their past; and


2) Use this information to determine who is worthy to be in your inner circle.


Think about that.

Even If You Have to Squint

Even If You Have to Squint

One of the best practices you can have is the ability to find one positive thing in your day no matter how tough it might have been.


This special skill can literally save your life.


How do I know? It saved mine.


I remember back to when I was neck deep in the middle of a tough divorce and a business bankruptcy. I thought everything in my life was lost forever and never going to get better again.


But then I stopped and realized that if I did not take control of my mind, I was going to lose my mind—and probably my life as well.


But how do I start? There was nothing good going on…(or so I thought.)


Then, my oldest daughter called for no reason at all, just to check on me and say, ‘hey.’  There is was…


My one good thing for the day that gave me a place to start.


I realized that I was loved, and that if just that one thing were true, I could rebuild the rest. And so, I did.  Finding that one thing positive on one dark day allowed me to go from divorced and bankrupt to build a multi-6-figure business back all in that year.


No matter how dark things are….find your one thing today.


Think about that.

Vested in Love

Vested in Love

We often mistake passion for love. As a result, we fail to fully understand that investment required to love authentically and to receive love of that same value.


And not just regarding a spouse or significant other, love in any relationship must continue deeper and wider to provide our lives with its true wealth. Anything less is merely companionship, friendship, or comradery.


Those results are notable and worthy to a point, but true significance is born from a place of love that is rare and requires daily investment.


But truthfully, investment is the core ingredient in most everything.  Effort, care, and being intentional—whether in love, business, relationships, whatever—is where results come from.


So, my question is this: Are you investing in the love of others or are you waiting on the sidelines for someone to deliver love to you? Are you giving and investing, or are you waiting to take or receive?


If you do not feel you have the relationships you need or want, I would start by investing outwardly with love and service to those most important to you.


Think about that.

Genuine Legacy

Genuine Legacy

Strength is often misconceived as arrogance or being over-confident. But genuine strength creates humility more than anything else.

Realizing and remembering where you and come from and what you have come through is an incredible way to get centered.  This awareness is also the ultimate gift that you can instill in your children, your life partner, and your team.

While many people try to hide who they are and from where they have come, genuine strength will wrap themselves in heritage and history and wear it as a badge of honor.

Whether already arrived at your life’s goal or still on your journey, being true to who you are and what you have done and overcome, is a fantastic way to end up in a place of authenticity and genuine strength.

Think about that.