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Even If You Have to Squint

Even If You Have to Squint

One of the best practices you can have is the ability to find one positive thing in your day no matter how tough it might have been.


This special skill can literally save your life.


How do I know? It saved mine.


I remember back to when I was neck deep in the middle of a tough divorce and a business bankruptcy. I thought everything in my life was lost forever and never going to get better again.


But then I stopped and realized that if I did not take control of my mind, I was going to lose my mind—and probably my life as well.


But how do I start? There was nothing good going on…(or so I thought.)


Then, my oldest daughter called for no reason at all, just to check on me and say, ‘hey.’  There is was…


My one good thing for the day that gave me a place to start.


I realized that I was loved, and that if just that one thing were true, I could rebuild the rest. And so, I did.  Finding that one thing positive on one dark day allowed me to go from divorced and bankrupt to build a multi-6-figure business back all in that year.


No matter how dark things are….find your one thing today.


Think about that.