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Your Mindset Flashlight

Your Mindset Flashlight

I say to clients all the time that their success lies in the shadow work that we will do together over time.


Shadow work refers to the steps and thoughts that become our actions externally.  We all have a shadow side that deals with our fears, limiting thoughts, and that pesky internal voice that often scares us from action.


But your mindset flashlight exposes all of that and allows you to make your mindset work for you rather than against you.


It takes time and is never something you can just ignore. But over time, it is much much easier every day.


If you find yourself listening to that internal voice a little more than you should – being afraid, getting stuck with inaction, over analyzing and doing nothing when you know you need to move—grab your mindset flashlight and take a look around.


Mindset is the single most powerful tool you can have as an entrepreneur and leader.


Think about that.

Those Who Matter Don’t Mind

Those Who Matter Don’t Mind

When I was little, there was a preacher that would jokingly say, “Oh we’ve done gone from preaching to meddling now…”


The nemesis of most entrepreneurs is this struggle to settle in and just be who you are. For many, all is too polished, too scripted, too ‘branded;’ Although an inauthentic action is nowhere near a brand.


And yet, many of us—yes….us—struggle to show up as our genuine selves.


Why is that?


I could say that it is because we are trying to create a presence about who we are for business. But truthfully, we create a persona because we are secretly unhappy with who we are in the first place.


Now, my job here is not to be the Shrink. I am here to nudge you with mindset.


The greatest advice I can give you is to strive to be you—the you that is truly you—in your business and your life.  The audience you serve or seek to serve can tell if you are putting on a façade.


You would do well to heed today’s Mindset for Today.


Think about that.

Are You Bulking Up?

Are You Bulking Up?

Is it possible that life is getting easier for you? Or is it that you are just far more tough than you used to be?


My experience is that everything we go through—good or bad—clearly feeds us and prepares us for what is coming next.

The trick is to make sure you are “taking notes” as you go along the way.


Being intentionally aware of what you are experiencing when you are doing so is a great habit and skill to hone.


What we go through will strengthen you later in ways we most likely cannot understand at the moment.


I just know that when I pay attention, I end up more prepared for whatever comes my way.


So, go ahead, bulk up on life and experience.  It will help you show up in a big way later and make the waves of future life fare more easy to enjoy.


Think about that.

As You Are

As You Are

Learning to assess people by their character is not only right, but it will make you better for doing so.


It is not as easy as it sounds.


Now, with that said, I also think it is important to be cautious about who you let in your inner circle.  Not guarding that space and be reckless and dangerous for you because you welcome potential poor advice.


But when you consider someone upon their character—the content of their hearts—you know exactly who is an asset to you and who is a distraction.


For leaders and entrepreneurs like you, this decision is key.


So, there are two big lessons in today’s mindset focus:


1) Do the right thing and judge others based upon their character, not their past; and


2) Use this information to determine who is worthy to be in your inner circle.


Think about that.

Super Clear Thoughts

Super Clear Thoughts

This Mindset for Today is one of the most powerful and useful tools I have learned and now teach.


If you do not take anything else from all of the information that I put out there, pay attention to this.


It is none of your business what others think about you.


The day I took this concept to heart, my life and business changed dramatically.


Why? Because comparison to others and listening to other’s assessment about you is of no value to you.


You have to be true to who you are and how you want to be presented in the world.  Without that clarity, you will be yanked and pulled in different directions nearly every day.


And from personal experience, you do not want that.


The easy way to win here – don’t listen (or even know) what others think of you.


Think about that.