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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Although many do not believe it, your attitude has an enormous impact on your overall health.


If you perceive yourself to be in poor health or constantly tired, you begin to believe that and even attract that sense of ‘health’ upon yourself.


Now, I am not suggesting that all health is in our heads, however, I know that whatever we think about, we attract to ourselves.


Don’t believe me?


Let me challenge you to give it a try.


Let’s say that you feel chronically tired. As long as you do not have a diagnosis of something more serious, consider every morning, writing down all the things in your life and your body that you feel good about.

Okay, okay, maybe the things that you feel ‘ok’ about.

Take time to be grateful for what you DO have versus what you do not.

From my personal experience, this simple process will change more than just your attitude.  It will change your overall health trajectory.


Think about that.

How to Move On

How to Move On

Today’s Mindset is far easier to say and talk about than it is to walk out in real life.

Let’s face it, you and I have both been hurt before and both of us are probably still dealing with the sting of those actions.


I know I am.

But the good news is that it does not have to be that way.

No, I am not suggesting that we just simply try to forget about our past or pretend as though it did not happen…It Did.

But, the key in moving past the past is to understand WHY you were made to feel that way.

It is tough to relive a past hurt, but rather than re-live it, dig into why you were made to feel the hurt.

What emotions did it bring up?
What responses did you first have?
Are you mad at who hurt you, or are you mad at yourself because you let yourself be vulnerable?


Ooops.  I probably left teach and went to meddling a bit on that last one.   😉

Understanding the WHY of past hurts and setbacks is the doorway that leads to your freedom and release.

How do I know? I lived it firsthand.


Think about that.


Make Peace With Your Past

Make Peace With Your Past

Making peace with your past is one of the most crucial and freeing things you can do to move forward in business, life, and honestly, everything else there is.

Memories are great things to have, however, some can work against you if you do not handle them well.  On the one hand, memories help us reflect and fondly remember that moments that make us who we are. Yet, some memories of our past can stick around and haunt us—leaving us paralyzed from progress.

So how do you know what to do with memories of the past that keep us trapped?

The KEY Principle here is to recognize that nothing in the past can be changed.  No matter how much we may want to go back and change the past, all our efforts and wants cannot do it.

So the right way to address past challenges is to evolve from them and do better today.

Sure, they will try to come back around and steal your joy. But you just have to remind your memories that they are just that…memories.  Your past is not your present.

That simple idea is incredibly powerful.

If you are like me, it is often hard to do.  However, I am on a journey to re-train my brain to listen to my present and not my past.  Why not join me?

Think about that.

A Quiet Teacher

A Quiet Teacher

Whether a spiritual person or not, we often wonder why we feel so alone when going through a particular test in our lives.

For many, it is all too easy to wonder why we have been left alone to fend for ourselves, rather than be cared for and nurtured by God. But that is not what life’s tests are for. We learn about ourselves amid hardship.

Rarely do we have an epiphany of our own greatness when we are on top of the world and not facing a challenge of any kind.

Rather, our sense of self is most clearly seen when at or near rock bottom and we have been stripped back to our pure, raw self.

Please do not misunderstand me, I do not relish hardship. But I have come to learn that all adversity happens for a reason and that life’s real lessons happen directly in the middle of those challenges.

And even though it seems you are all alone, I encourage you to remember that the teacher is always quiet while the student takes a test.

Think about that.

A Success Perspective

A Success Perspective

Today’s quote is hysterical, but also incredibly tragic.

There are millions of entrepreneurs trapped inside corporate jobs. For many, it is a voice of fear or a voice of uncertainty that keeps them limited and in a corporate job for thirty or forty years. They are frustrated.

An entrepreneurial mind says that, “I’m willing to do the hard things that normal people are not willing to do, so that I can reap the benefit of success that normal people will never see.”

Being an entrepreneur is hard because you have lots of work to do, but you also have the work of structuring and exercising your mind.

Take action.

I challenge you to look at positivity in your life. Look at your words. Listen to your thoughts. Pay attention to what is happening in your heart, and in your mind.

When you do, you’ll quickly realize that your mind, and your mindset either work for you, or work against you.

Think about that.