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Learn from the Turn

Learn from the Turn

No one likes failure. Also, I am discovering that many do not like learning either.

“No way!” you say? It has to be true because we forget to pay attention to life’s lessons all the time.

There really is no such thing as failure.  There is success, and there is learning. Failing is just one way to determine how not to try it the next time.

The sooner we learn this perspective and we “Learn from the Turn,” the sooner we will come upon our ultimate success.

Our perspective on the other side of struggle has an immense impact on how quickly we move through our next challenge.

Of course, I am like you. I am no fan of perceived failure either.  I always want to succeed. However, if you find that you are not failing often, I am convinced you are not pushing yourself far enough.

We all struggle.

The question is how do we respond when we struggle.

Think about that.

Strength in Silence

Strength in Silence

Developing the skill of being quiet is particularly beneficial the more complex your business gets. Over the years, I have learned that a good dose of silent is more centering and clarifying than just about anything else I do.

But learning to settle and just be—takes some effort.

As entrepreneurs and leaders, we often feel like if we are not constantly doing something, we cannot possibly be working and building our business.

If we do not have a task, we can always create one—just so we feel like we are busy.

I challenge you to carve out specific time to sit and be quiet and just listen. No strategy; no planning; No problem-solving.  Just relax and ponder.

I have found that solutions come in the silence—especially, when I am not looking for them.

Think about that.

Determination and Objectivity

Determination and Objectivity

Today’s mindset is all about the idea of determination and objectivity.

Scores, assessments, and standardized tests may limit someone because they may not be a naturally gifted test taker. However, that has nothing to do with determining how someone ends up.

Determination, objectivity, and hard work is the holy trinity of success.

If you can work through your challenges and understand where you truly want to go, the world’s opinion of where you end up is just that—an opinion. I’ll take hard work and a work ethic over natural talent every single day.

Whenever I work with people in my 1:1 coaching, I’m always most interested in somebody who is hungry and ready to work hard. I tend to shy away from people who have a mindset of being a prima donna.

I think good old fashioned hustle is worth a ton these days.  In a space where everything is polished for Facebook, true hard work and grit will win the day AND be authentic and obvious to everyone around.

I encourage you to find your grit and authenticity.  It will not be long until the internet is fully saturated with polished, get rich in a second, characters.  Your true grit and authenticity will make you stand out easily from the crowd.

Think about that.


Believe You Can

Believe You Can

Henry Ford is quite possibly one of the greatest minds of the modern era, not just for his manufacturing, but for his process of thought and for thinking about how to solve issues.

Henry Ford challenged common beliefs. He looked at problems and he delivered solutions—even when people thought he was crazy.

If anyone had reason to want to pause and think twice, and not take action, Henry Ford might be that person. But nevertheless, he lived his life with a mindset that said, ‘If you believe you can, you are so much further down the path to getting there than if you believe you can’t.’

Now, I will say straightforwardly that I do not believe in a simple name it, believe it, and it’ll come to pass. You have to do the hard work.

You have to out think those who may not believe in your vision. If you are focused, know what you want to do, have clarity, and you believe that you can achieve your goal, you are ninety percent home. I know this from personal experience.

Take Action:

Think about your next big goal.  Now, I challenge you to write it down in a public way.  Share it with an accountability partner or team.  Add a date and time to it and start building a model that can get you to that goal.

For me, I wrote myself a check for $2,000,000 and dated it the day that I wanted to achieve that goal of paying myself that amount of money.  The progress almost immediately after was staggering.

Think about that.00

Ideas: Blessing or Curse

Ideas: Blessing or Curse

Most entrepreneurs have a strong sense of creativity in one area of their life or another. And with that creativity comes a well of ideas that can flow 24/7 on most any topic.

Initially, one might think that this unending flow of new ideas is a gold mine when in reality this would-be fortune of intellectual greatness can quickly overwhelm us and paralyze us from action.

It is worth knowing that in my professional career as a mentor and coach for hundreds of entrepreneurs, those who are skilled at ideation rarely also possess the skill to implement or follow through on their own ideas.

For many of us, starting an idea feed us the same way as if we had complete it.

The challenge is what do you do with a new idea that has lost its luster and is now requiring the expertise of follow thru and you just want to go create new ideas?

Enter the idea graveyard.

We all have one. Part of our genius is that we are natural-born creators. They downside of this incredible skill is that we often fool ourselves into believing that we can “just do this one ourselves.”

A wise creator and ideation genius knows – move an idea only so far and then hand it off to a trusted team member who can nurture and grow your idea into action.

Think about that.