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It is a Heart Thing

It is a Heart Thing

At first pass, this Mindset for Today may seem a bit cliche. But in truth, the quality and the character of your heart is a significant part of who you are as a person AND as a brand.

We all know those who have a business, whether online or offline, where the owner is not completely genuine to us. There is always that “hint” of sliminess or self-serving perspective.

Obviously, that is not who you are. Otherwise, you would be here. Mindset and Authenticity are for those of us who really want to be true to ourselves and help others.

If fact, a common denominator for entrepreneurs and leaders like us is that we tend to give far too much away for free.

That is the byproduct of having a good heart—and that tends to show through brightly in who we are and how we live and conduct our business.

The trick is to let that shine through more rather than less.

People want to follow others they admire, just as much as those whom they can learn and from those whom they can benefit.

Take Action:
What “good” do you put out into the world with your brand? Are you encouraging others to be their best self? Are you living your best self? If not, I would begin there internally.

Think about that.

Your Silver Bullet

Your Silver Bullet

I find it humorous and still tragic to see thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs who are frantically searching for the silver bullet to their greatest success.

More times than not, the silver bullet looks a lot like just hard work.

Often in my high-end coaching sessions, my client will bring in an “enormous challenge” that is keeping them from getting to their goals.

We work through a process that I have developed to consider multiple solution paths, and voila! the challenge is not near as difficult as first thought.

It is common for us to psych ourselves out and become convinced that our challenge is unsolvable. When in reality, the fear or confusion is what we are focusing on rather than the potential solution.

If we can learn how to back up and gain perspective, creativity will soon follow in almost every circumstance.

My experience has always been that silver bullets, shortcuts, and fast tracks tend to sound better than they actually work.

We have to get out of our own head, know what the solution is within us, and release your thoughts to let it come to the front of your consciousness.

More times than not, our fear is bigger than our challenge.

Think about that.

Limiting Thoughts

Limiting Thoughts

Just a few days ago, I had the enormous privilege to be on a phone call with one of the leading neurologists in the world. He was sharing with me stats about how people give up when working out.

When in the physical strain of an exercise routine, rock climbing adventure, or most any physically taxing activity, and our brain will almost always begin telling us that we need to stop.

We are told from the inside that we should stop:
– In order to protect ourselves from getting hurt, or
– We cannot go any farther, or
– That we have no strength left, or
– That we have no air left.

Sound familiar?

This mental response is merely a survival mechanism of the brain. When at this point of strain, your body has only expended twenty to twenty-five percent of its actual capability.

World-class athletes have learned this principle, and they train on how to turn their mind around to their benefit, rather than having limited thought.

When we learn to recognize our limiting thoughts, we can better keep our direction, our pace, and clarity as a tool that work for us rather against us.

Think about that.

Your Perception of Personal

Your Perception of Personal

We’ve spent several days talking about the power of perception and what it means to your journey. Today is no exception.

In fact, it’s probably the most important principle around perception.

It is important for us to pay attention how other people see us. It helps us clarify a lot about who we are and where we choose to belong.

However, it is even more important for us to focus on how we see ourselves.

If we see ourselves as successful, as powerful, as forward, and as a leader, we are far more likely to be successful than if we see ourselves as a victim, or as someone who is going to suffer hardship.

It is a life changing principle that we have to learn and then master.

Certainly, there are things in life and business that are outside of our control. However, our ability to see ourselves as our best potential self greatly gives us enormous momentum and an advantage in actually achieving our dreams.

Perspective and Perception

Perspective and Perception

Wealth is a fascinating topic among entrepreneurs like you and me. Many would say that they started a new venture to make a better life for their family. While other entrepreneurs may see a new venture as something noble that has a higher calling to life than the everyday corporate gig.

What about you? Why did you start something on your own? What was that first spark of a dream for you?

Don’t get me wrong, the money of building your own company can be pretty fantastic. However, I would say that success can be both a blessing and a curse. Why?

The blessing of wealth certainly has its advantages. With the money, we can do more, go more, and experience more. Yet, I argue that money is not true wealth.

Money is a vehicle TO true wealth. Sadly, money can also be a deterrent for many in finding genuine wealth.

As with our Mindset for Today, “needing little [or nothing]” is the key to wealth. I know this to be true. I enjoy nice things, but I am no longer enslaved by the pursuit of nice things.

I no longer feel the need for things as a means of measurement against others to determine where I am on my “success scale.”

The result is wildly freeing mentally and emotionally. Perhaps you should try it.

Think about that.