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Truth in Effort

Truth in Effort

Dr. Carol Dweck in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, explains the concept of having a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

One of the key principles of a growth mindset is the relationship that we have with effort. Effort is one of those things that gives meaning to life. It simply means that you care about something, something that’s important to you, and you’re willing to work for it.

Now, I love that quote because we tend to think that if something is hard, we might should shy away from it. We procrastinate. We avoid it.

When in truth, effort is a marker and a flag we should pay attention to. Effort indicates that we are on to something that is worthwhile because we’re willing to do the hard work.

I’ve always found that the greatest successes, as well as the greatest joys, come at the end of significant effort.

There are some in the internet marketing world and in the digital space that’ll tell you that everything is easy and it’s simple. I don’t believe they’re telling you the truth.

It is important for us to know that anything that is worth doing well, that is able to impact mankind, takes significant effort.

So what are you spending your effort on today?

The Core Ingredient to Success

The Core Ingredient to Success

The notion that mindset is everything is the key to the success of my business and to what I’ve been able to do professionally and personally.

Over the years, it’s been a real privilege and an honor to be around some of the greatest thinkers and the greatest business minds in the world. I’ve always wondered what it was that made them that way. It’s not that they’re just lucky, it’s that they have a different process.

Realizing that the common denominator was their mindset, made me pause and say, “I need to understand how to take hold of my mindset and how to direct my mindset. I need to treat my mindset much like you would muscle in a workout session.

If I can take my creativity, problem-solving, inspiration, vision, and passion, and turn them in the right way, my mindset becomes a compass. As a result, I receive clarity and purpose, which ultimately becomes the driving force of everything that I do.”

For today, what I want you to do is take just a moment, and stop and ask yourself, “Are you getting the results that you want? Do you see the successes that you want? Are you in a place where beyond happiness you have just presence and joy in what you are doing in your life?”

If not, I would submit to you that the key to unlocking that power, that skill, that ability is your mindset.

It is the single most important thing you can do after relationships with your family and your friends.

Knowing where you are going and where you want to be is key.  Your mindset is the secret weapon that successful entrepreneurs use.

Take Action:

Your activity today is to take a few minutes—whether you journal, just think about, doodle, or use a structured thought process to work things out—however you use your morning routine, the mindset is where you want to focus.

Evaluate and analyze where are you, what is working well, what is working against you, and how can you take control of how you think. Whatever you think about is what you draw toward yourself.

Think about that.

Dream Without Action

Dream Without Action

Dreams are incredible vehicles that allow us to think beyond ourselves.  But when not paired with action, dreams can become lies that fill our head with facades that look like possibilities.

As entrepreneurs, we are often easily sold—especially with our own internal sales pitches.

I have fallen into this trap personally and have proven that it can be particularly pesky to get out of.  For me, my dreams became a security blanket that I could hide in.

I was sitting dreaming and doing nothing else.  That is a sure-fire way to get nothing done and never reach your dreams.

The solution? Easy.  Get started.

Even learning to fail quickly and fail forward is better than a dream without action.

Do yourself a favor. Put yourself (and your dream) on a 90-day go or no-go performance schedule.  Work the model relentlessly so that you can know if it is a viable project or a dangerous distraction.

I often say to myself, “either do it or quit talking about it.”

Start right now.

Think about that.

Beyond First Glance

Beyond First Glance

When first considering this Mindset to share with you, I thought it only about relationships or love—but then, I looked again.

When facing most anything, it is helpful for entrepreneurs like us to have a solid hold on memories, experience, and past fears. Keeping these emotions and experiences in a balanced perspective can save us from analysis paralysis.

Now I am not suggesting we throw experience out the window completely.  We certainly do not want to make old mistakes once again.

However, we must balance our lessons learned with our desire for action.  Use what you know and keep moving forward. In more cases than not, the moving forward is the more valuable of the two.

But as this quote says, where hurt or fear has hit us previously, we have to find healing.  Whether in a relationship or a business transaction, we have to allow ourselves the healing process.  Otherwise, we will spend our lives responded out of fear rather than abundance.

Think about that.

90% of Your Success

90% of Your Success

President Roosevelt is credited with saying, “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” No disrespect to the president, I actually think that’s not entirely correct.

I think if you believe that you can, you are 90% there. Belief in mindset is the most powerful tool in any entrepreneur’s toolbox. In fact, it’s the most powerful tool in any person’s toolbox.

Regardless of what it is that you want to do, your mindset will directly impact the outcome. The more clarity you can get, your why, and most importantly why you want to do something will help you move forward. It is all part of being brutally honest with yourself and your brand. When you do, people will get it. People will like it. They’ll appreciate it. They’ll come towards you in a more positive way. Walking in a positive mindset allows people to understand who you are. They very quickly decide whether or not they want more or less or you.

Simply believe in what you are doing. If you don’t believe in what you are doing, question what you’re doing. Because if you believe you can, you are 90% there.

(and if you honestly do not believe in what you are doing, why would you keep trying to fake it?)

Think about that.