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Doing What Others Won’t

Doing What Others Won’t

I remember back when I left my corporate job to start my own business. I was asked probably twenty or thirty times why in the world would I do that.

The answer is quite simple; In order to achieve the life that I know that I’m capable of, and the life that I want, I have to be willing to spend a season doing things that other people will not do, so that later I can live my life doing things that others cannot do.

Entrepreneurship is a powerful place. I love being able to build my own economy and being proud of my work and what I do.

For those that are called to it, or drawn to it—everything starts and ends with mindset, determination, vision, and hard work.

I encourage you, wherever you are today in your growth process, learn to celebrate every single moment. Whether good, bad, or indifferent, your success is in the journey, not in the outcome.

Your fulfillment will come from getting honest with yourself and building a brand and a life that you love and are proud to be.

Think About That.


Often Overlooked

Often Overlooked

Paying close attention to your health is as much a business decision as it is a health decision.  Of course, there are great benefits from a healthy lifestyle.  However, what is often overlooked is the distinct business advantage from being healthy.

For years, I really never thought that much about it.  I would make a healthy choice here and there, but overall I just did (or did not do) whatever I chose and did not think that my health had that much to do with my business.

I could not have been more wrong.

Now I will admit.  I am a foodie.  I love great food, wine, all of it.  But everything in moderation is a principle that rings true.

Within about three to four days of re-working my personal nutrition and workout routine, my mind gained clarity and focus like you would not believe. It actually surprised me quite a bit.

So I encourage you to think about how you can improve your nutrition, workout, water intact, sleep schedule, etc.  ALL of these things have a significant factor in how your body serves you in your goals.

I am certain you will be pleasantly surprised.

Take Action:

Grab your journal, the app journal or some notetaking mechanism and begin right now listing all the food, water, other beverages, snacks, and things you take in your body today.  Continue this tracking for a full even days.  Just take notes, don’t make a huge adjustment immediately.

Let your body tell you what it is consuming. You may be shocked (like I was).