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Understanding Your Real Identity

Understanding Your Real Identity

Understanding Your Real Identity

Not your self-perceived identity, but rather, the one that everyone sees. The view of you that you cannot see and more than likely have no idea about.

People have a perception of you that you need to examine from time to time.  Why?

For many, there is a perception that you are in a constant state of struggle—whether you actually are or not.

Sadly, for some, struggle is a comfort blanket that we use to make ourselves feel better about not making progress. The truth is we do not have the discipline to do the hard work, so we create a persona of struggle to hide our fear or inadequacy.

Certainly, there is a measure of struggle for all of us upon occasion.  However, for those, the path is in and out of struggle in a relative swift season.

If you find yourself in a constant “state of struggle,” you might need to pause and ask what is really going on. It is entirely possible that you are hiding from yourself. I know, because I used to do this…a lot.

So what do you do if you think this is you?

First, call it straight. Recognize what you are doing.

Second, find a person for accountability who knows your challenge and calls you out respectfully.

Third, admit it and forgive yourself.

Fourth, set short-term, achievable micro-goals.

Often, BIG DREAMERS never get anything done because they spend all their time thinking about the goal and how to get there instead of just actually going there.

Whatever your struggle, don’t let it define you.  Any challenge is only an obstacle to go around, over, or through.  Your choice.

Think about that.

Learning to Self Heal

Learning to Self Heal

Learning to Self Heal

Perhaps the greatest skill we can acquire as human beings is the ability to self heal after being hurt.

This ability to move on to greater things begins in one place, and that is the place of understanding where you were and why you need to move on.

This freedom and awareness is without question the path to strength and freedom from the inevitable attacks of being a leader.  But how do we hone this skill of self healing?

First, you have to be brutally honest about where you are and what got you there.  No blame, just awareness and admission.

Second, you must separate yourself from the experience, good or bad, so that you can visualize your next step.

Third, you take the next step—even if you are scared to death or unsure of the 3rd or 4th step.

Brutal honesty and progress is key here.

Without those two foundational elements, no progress and no healing can take root.  With those two elements, the possibilities are limitless.

Think about that.