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A Journey All Too Familiar

A Journey All Too Familiar

A bit of confession today…

I had been thinking about creating Mindset Engine for more than a year. In fact, I had named it, described it, even pitched to people before I ever called a develop, started writing, created a graphic, or bought the equipment for a video studio.


We entrepreneurs are funny birds. We love creating—and for some (me)—that creating includes even just mental creation. I can fall into the trap of imagining and thinking through a new project, and find my satisfaction in “thinking it to be.”

Now the odd part is that my Kolbe score is 7-4-8-3. I am an 8 Quick Start. By definition, I am supposed to be all about getting going.

But like you, I also have that confidential conversation in my head that says, if I never actually put my “product” out in the market, it will always be a success in my own mind. No one can say “no” or criticize what I do.

It is the ultimate in safety (and a good way to remain frustrated and broke).

So how do you break out of the cycle of procrastination? For me, it all comes back to brutal honesty.

Are you convinced that if you do not tell your story, or share your teaching, or release your invention that the world is somehow going to miss out on something?

If you don’t teach, will your audience experience a loss in some way?

Once I could clearly state that mindset was the life-changing action that impacted me deeply and that I needed to share it, my goal and actions became motivated.

I realized that if I did not teach you about a growth mindset, then you might live the rest of your life in the frustration that I used to—and I could not do that! I had to build it and give it away.

So how do you get off center and get started?

Simple, ask yourself if you want to build your business for the money or for the good you can bring to your audience’s life. The answer will tell you a lot.

Think about that.

Turning Off the Engine

Turning Off the Engine

For many entrepreneurs, we have a love-hate relationship with sleep.  We want all of it we can get, but at times it eludes us like a leprechaun riding a unicorn on leap year day. Even elusive, sleep is worthy of the pursuit. The healing and focusing outcomes that occur during sleep are somewhere between scientific and completely magical.  Our bodies need us to sleep as regularly as possible.

So what do we do when our minds and bodies cannot or will not shut down and allow us to sleep?

For the physical elements:

– Stop consumption of caffeine by 3p every day

– Disconnect from digital tools at least 90 minutes before attempting to sleep

– Pay attention to temperature and how your body reacts to it during sleep

– Reduce or eliminate alcohol at least two hours before attempting to sleep

– Make every attempt to lay down at the same time every night

For the mental elements:

– Keep a notepad or journal by your bed to record any active brain actions

– Consider researching and doing breathing exercises as you lay down initially

– If you wake up in the night, recreate your “go to sleep” routine to help train your brain

Sleep is your best friend.  Do all you can to put yourself in the best place to get a solid night of sleep every night.

Think about that.

A Common Theme We Still Miss Often

A Common Theme We Still Miss Often

A Common Theme We Still Miss Often

This principle is universal, and yet, as entrepreneurs we miss it almost every time.

Our failures are our University. But, we tend to forget those times and rather choose to remember when things went perfectly.

There is only one problem with that…

All the best lessons in life and in business come because of a fall or failure.

To remedy this, I use a process I learned while an executive at Walmart Stores. This process is called the Correction of Errors, or COE meeting.

Simply, after each major project, you schedule time with yourself to evaluate what went wrong, what went well, and what improvements can be made for the next time around.

We did the COE process worldwide the entire time I was in the stores—even back when we were opening 50 stores per week. Obviously, the company saw a remarkable difference or they would not have spent the time.

Continuous learning from our struggles and mistakes is a treasure chest of wisdom we all should explore daily.

Think about that.

Harmony and Peace

Harmony and Peace

Harmony and Peace

There is most likely no greater source of energy for oneself than to be at peace internally.

Those who have come to the past of inner peace and serenity have a unique vibe about them. But perhaps more powerful is the way that inner peace exudes confidence and expertise the work around you.

Still, being at peace with oneself is most freeing feeling I have ever possibly known.

So how do you get it?

Peace with the universe means many things to many people.  So that make it very hard to define specifically for you.  However, I think the core ingredients are:

– a true sense of who you are vs who you want to be

– a clear understanding of what you can and cannot control

– an unvarnished view of your own love, hate, fear, joy, sadness, and curiosity

– a perspective of where you fit in the world

– a settled awareness of your own spirituality

I am certain there are many others. For me, I had to discover that all anger comes from within and that when I get upset, it is the result of me being frustrated with myself, not the person upon which I voice my anger.

Also, I found that once I released being reactionary and instead focused everything on being proactive, my perspective and sense of peace increased dramatically.

Think about that.

Health is Like Money

Health is Like Money

Health is Like Money

We all take things for granted—even with the best of intentions.

But when it comes to health, the realization that we have been gliding through life and not paying attention comes all too hard and fast.

Having gone through the loss of my father-in-law this past year, this particular quote is a little closer to home than I like.

It is difficult to watch as someone important and dear to you slowly slips away and succumbs to limitations of our physical bodies.

That is why we need to live! Also, we need to be mindful of how we care for this tent we have for only a short time on this earth.

Now I am not a workout or diet fiend. Nor, am I militant about what I eat or drink. But I am focused on being wise and taking all things in moderation—including stress (as much as I can have a say in all that.)

Our bodies can tell us many things if we are committed to listen.  Our energy, our sleep, and the rhythms of our biology all point to how we are functioning physiologically.

We all would be wise to listen closely.

Think about that.