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You Have Been Lied To

You Have Been Lied To

You Have Been Lied To

I hate to tell you this, but you have been lied to. The internet, Facebook, and many, many, many internet marketers continue to tell you that being an entrepreneur is easy and that money comes overnight.

Sorry, that is a lie.

Success and money can come quickly, but it can also disappear just as quickly.

In fact, I have learned that when I run into resistance today, I now see it as a sign I am going down the right path.  Anything too easy will almost certainly never last.

I love the idea and the romance of “perceived” simplicity of entrepreneurship, but that almost never happens. (And, anyone who says so is probably trying to sell you something.) Beware.

At the same time, I also focus on finding the fastest and most economical way.  Those two goals and concepts do not have to be exclusive of one another.

The key is this:

1 – Know what you love and have expertise in, and

2 – Be crystal clear about whether your audience wants and will buy your expertise.

An old mentor of mine used to say, “Before you build the dog food factory, make sure the dog like the food.”

That simply means, do your homework.  As entrepreneurs, we love all out own ideas and often never stop to test and ask your tribe.

Think about that.

Warrior vs Worrier

Warrior vs Worrier

Warrior vs Worrier

Oh now! Today’s Mindset is one of those that gets to meddlin’ a little bit (as they say down here in the south.)

Worry is a thief.

There is no other way to say it. Worry is a terrible activity that does zero good and steals 100% of your capacity to think creatively.

Yes, we have to be realist and deal with issues and challenges as they arise.

But, we must also accept and understand that worry and being fretful does not serve us well.  We must come to a place of learn, release, and start the solution.


Those 3 steps:


Release (the bad), and

Start the Solution

…are vital in getting past any setback, hurt, bottleneck, or frustration.


You can worry about it, but it will do you no good.

Rather, it is best to accept what you cannot change and change what you can to move forward.

Freedom and Solution follow action.

Think about that.

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Neither Enemy nor Foe

Neither Enemy nor Foe

Neither Enemy nor Foe

In many ways, we ARE our own worst enemy. With the best of intentions, we doubt, second guess, vacillate, and flip-flop on our directions and our own confidence.

For many like you and me, we go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in a matter of minutes throughout the day.

Sound familiar?

Part of that is the way entrepreneurs and leaders like you and me are wired.

We dream big. AND we tend to fall in love with our ideas and move to action before we think things through.

So how do we manage our mindset?

It takes practice and daily exercise.

We have to learn to not always respond and let our emotions and thought swing wildly from one side to the other.

Tough for entrepreneurs like us.

But with a little effort, we become more even-keeled and settled in our gut, in our direction, and in our actions—even when things go less than desired.

90% of our challenges are not outside forces. They are from within.

How do I know? I lived it for years and have found the path out.

You should come along too.

Think about that.

A Core Asset

A Core Asset

You have an incredible asset hiding in plain sight that for most of us, we completely miss or sadly, ignore. What is it?

Our Family.

Not only in the traditional sense. I have friends whose family is a group of friends, a business partnership, young people they have adopted to mentor. Family comes in all shapes and sizes. All families have one superpower often missed and neglected.


But let’s face it. Family can also be tough at times. Divorce, adolescence, financial challenges, all can make it tough to see through the haze. Those issues are simply that—issues. How do I know? I lost my family for a while after having a business go up in flames, a divorce, and a bankruptcy all happen within a six month period. It was terrible.

But over the last seven years, I have learned that family is where my core and center feeds from. I am spent a ton of time rebuilding my relationships with my two girls, and the rewards are off the chart. They are the best business and life advisors I have.

Added to that, I married someone that I have known for 36 years and have the joy of two additional girls in our blended family.

As a family of six, three in college, one in high school, a new marriage and a new business building, life is good, busy, hectic, and perfect, all at the same time.

I would not trade it for the world, but I had to re-learn how to be thankful for it.

Take Action:

Stop what you are doing right now, and write a letter to each of your children. Not an email, and actual hand-written letter. If you do not have time to do so at this minute, set an appointment in your calendar right now and make sure it gets done before the day’s end. Your children (and your spouse) need to know that they have your thoughts, love, and attention. As entrepreneurs, we often get caught up in our own busy whirlwind and forget why we are doing this all in the first place.

Think about that.