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Creating Miracles

Creating Miracles

Creating Miracles

Is there a difference between mindset and attitude?

I believe there is.  My position is that Mindset is about from where you operate.  Attitude if how you respond or approach a situation.

But how is that different?  Mindset is so much about your total being—your position, your outlook, your view of the world, etc.

Attitude is much more about choosing to be happy or understanding when things do not quite go your way and what you can learn from it.

But having a positive attitude, you are creating an environment that is welcoming to opportunity. You end up cultivating rich soil for your next big win to find a home.

I encourage you to pay attention to the words you say and the actions you take.

For years, I had no idea the terrible and hateful things I used to say about myself and my situation.

Soon, I realized that my thoughts and actions were laced with less than positive self-feedback.  That had to change.

So, I started journaling and listening to myself.  Every day, I would rate my day and how I did in staying positive and focused.

I also asked those closest to me to listen and point out when I might slip into negativity.

It was not long until I had formed new habits and a new attitude.  Paired with a focused mindset, opportunity and success soon followed.

Start with an assessment of your attitude and actions.  The results will be powerful.

The Danger of the First Step

The Danger of the First Step

Understanding where the boundaries of your comfort zone are is significant.
There are so many entrepreneurs and individuals like you who have great ideas, great aspirations, great goals but for whatever reason; they allow themselves to be limited in their thinking. Many are limited in their thought, understanding, or problem-solving because they come at something without a clear position and a mindset that against them instead of for them.

This should not be. (and it does not have to be.)
Our life truly does begin at the end of our comfort zone.
This has been my experience. In fact, it’s been the experience of every entrepreneur that I’ve ever worked with, successful and not successful.

The challenge for us all is that first step. But if you want to move forward and upward, you have to take it—including fear and all. I remember when wanting to start Mindset Engine, I loved the idea. I was simply afraid to take action.
Why? Because as long as it was only an idea, it could not fail. But conversely, as only an idea, it could never succeed as it has either.

Take Action:
Consider this: Is there something that you have thought about for a long time but have not been able to get moving the way you want. Perhaps your comfort zone is getting in the way. I would suggest two things. First, get brutally honest with yourself about what you want and why it is important. Otherwise, stop wasting mental time. Second, create a “rapid design” plan to get from point A to point B. Do not worry about the entire project, just commit to building out the first piece. Just that simple momentum can help unlock a lot of doors.

Think about that.

0105 Exercise Your Mind

0105 Exercise Your Mind

Exercise Your Mind

One of the most powerful tools any individual can possess is the ability to laser-focus your mind.

Having expertise, capability, and skill is a beautiful thing, but those things will only get you so far.  Just ask any professional athlete.

A mindset that is developed, honed, and exercised is like a healthy physique—it can move you to places you never thought possible. It can also give you an unfair advantage.

Even as a skeptic, as an introvert, and as someone who may not always be positive-minded (which by the way is me), your mind can be proactively directed toward positive thoughts and actions.

When you do, your life will start to change. How do I know this? Because that is my life story.

Any time in my history where I’ve allowed myself to get down, to get afraid, to be in a place of fear or negativity, everything around me begins just to close up and kind of get harder—sort of like walking in mud.

By stopping to evaluate and refocus my mindset, everything turns and works in momentum WITH me and FOR me.

Now this is not just a warm and fuzzy feeling. Mindset and visualization are well-documented skills among thousands of the world’s top athletes.

If you can learn how to drive rather than respond to your mindset, you have the ability to create your future rather than be limited to only chase it.

Take Action:

Look at the Vision90 resource tool in the Tools and Resources tab of this app.  This simple exercise has become the central driver of my success.  I use it every day to focus on quarterly and yearly goals.  For me, it has made all the difference.

Think about that.

The X Factor

The X Factor


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The X Factor

Many often wonder why some entrepreneurs make it and others do not. Is it luck or the idea or the execution or the marketing?

It is probably a cross-section of all of those things AND a few hundred other things.

Every now and again, things come easy.  But for many, building an audience and a customer base takes good ol’ fashioned time. And in case you are wondering how to spell that, it is:

G. R. I.  T.

More times than not, those that win are the ones who did the work.  The consistent, unforgiving, ‘don’t stop even after you achieve your dream’ type of grit.

So before you buy your next $1997 all solutions in a day program from your favorite online marketer, ask yourself, “Will I do the work?” and “Have I done the last program I bought yet?”

If not, you might start there.  Grit has to show up and stay before the success needle ever starts to move.

Think about that.