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The Battle is Won

The Battle is Won

The Battle is Won

OH, today’s mindset is one of my all-time favorites of the entire year.

Not only is it infinitely true, but so incredibly relevant for entrepreneurs and leaders like us.  As we move our lives and businesses through the world, we will no doubt have major trials.  But those trials can be dealt with appropriately (notice I did not say easily).

Our mindset determines how we approach challenges.  Mindset can control the outcome.

We must do the mental game before we ever step foot in the arena.

When we fail to prepare fully, we are instantly reacting and on our heels. That is not a place of strength.

So how do you prepare?

Research, journaling, planning, writing, mental focus exercises, scripting, studying proven sales models, etc. Anything and everything can be handled far better with a bit of mental preparation

Your mindset paired with strategic action is the secret one-two punch you need to win the battle before it ever begins.

Think about that.

Help Wanted: You

Help Wanted: You

Help Wanted: YOU

One of the greatest pitfalls that encumber entrepreneurs is the trap of impersonation.

Far too often, would-be successful entrepreneurs will make every effort to mimic a particular entrepreneur or guru down to the most minute detail.  Rather, one would be better served to mimic the why and the logic of the entrepreneur rather than the exact actions.

While learning from and implementing proven techniques is wise, often we go too far to the point of copying everything, rather than gleaning the principles of success and not just the action steps.

It is a fine line in the age of swap files and sales funnel transfers, but one that must constantly be monitored.

In an age where standing out is crucial, it is imperative that we build our brand rather than someone else’s—just with a new name—ours.

Think about that.

I Went to The Comfort Zone

I Went to The Comfort Zone


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I Went to The Comfort Zone

I can just hear the driving beat of and blaring guitar licks of Kenny Loggins 1980’s hit…

Oh…wait. That was the Danger Zone.  Sorry.

Today we all know that our comfort zone is the worst place we can possibly hang out. There is almost nothing good that can come from a passive heart and mind.

Our comfort zone does not yield life lessons. Nor does it provide life experience and wisdom to level up from where you are now to where you want to go.

That is why I encourage you to step out of your comfy place and look at where you want to go and what risks are required. Anyone can sit by and let life pass.

But you were made for greatness.  You have a plan and vision that the world needs to see and hear. You need to tell your story and be the impact that I know you dream about.

So what is holding you back? What is keeping you quiet and in line?

What are you willing to do to reach your dreams?

Think about that.

Preparing to Win

Preparing to Win

Prepared to Win

All of us take preparation for granted. Whether dealing with hardship or raging success, preparation is often lacking, and we end up scrambling to hold things together.

For most entrepreneurs, we love that feeling of urgency.

However, for the 1% that reach epic heights in their business, there is a common denominator—They Prepared for Success.

Winning or succeeding in your life or business is almost never about luck. If we want the big wins, we have to go out and do the work to get the big wins.

Now, on the other side of the coin, many entrepreneurs get caught up in doing and building and do not ever actually sell. For these, they over prepare and continue to build a product or service, but never actually promote and announce said service.

Your answer lays somewhere in the middle.

We have to do the work. We have to promote. We have to put ourselves “out there.”

So what preparation are you doing today that will help you win?

Think about that.

Mindset Flashlight

Mindset Flashlight

Your Mindset Flashlight

I say to clients all the time that their success lies in the shadow work that we will do together over time.

Shadow work refers to the steps and thoughts that become our actions externally.  We all have a shadow side that deals with our fears, limiting thoughts, and that pesky internal voice that often scares us from action

But your mindset flashlight exposes all of that and allows you to make your mindset work for you rather than against you.

It takes time and is never something you can just ignore. But over time, it is much much easier every day.

If you find yourself listening to that internal voice a little more than you should – being afraid, getting stuck with inaction, over analyzing and doing nothing when you know you need to move—grab your mindset flashlight and take a look around.

Mindset is the single most powerful tool you can have as an entrepreneur and leader.

Think about that.