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In the life of an entrepreneur, I think progress is probably the greatest motivator any entrepreneur can have. For those of us who have a mindset that focuses on moving forward and upward, you have an incredible tool at your disposal that many do not have. Sadly, many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of only giving credence, or value, only to accomplishment. Many only focus on what they have done, instead of what they are in the act of doing.

True winning, skill, and success come out of embracing the fact that as you grow, you become better. If ever we stop growing, we immediately fade as an entrepreneur.

Take Action:

I want you to stop and evaluate where you are mentally and physically in the project that you are working on. Are you in a place where you are celebrating your progress, or are you finding yourself trapped, frustrated, and being hard on yourself because you’re not as close to the finish as you should be?

I encourage you to look at how far you’ve come since yesterday and how far you’ve come since seven days ago. If you pay attention to how far you’ve come instead of how far you have reaming, your success will grow exponentially faster.

Think about that.

Dream Without Action

Dream Without Action

Dreams are incredible vehicles that allow us to think beyond ourselves. But when not paired with action, dreams can become lies that fill our head with facades that look like possibilities.

As entrepreneurs, we are often easily sold—especially with our own internal sales pitches.

I have fallen into this trap personally and have proven that it can be particularly pesky to get out of. For me, my dreams became a security blanket that I could hide in. I was sitting dreaming and doing nothing else. That is a sure-fire way to get nothing done and never reach your dreams.

The solution? Easy. Get started.

Even learning to fail quickly and fail forward is better than a dream without action.

Do yourself a favor. Put yourself (and your dream) on a 90-day go or no-go performance schedule. Work the model relentlessly so that you can know if it is a viable project or a dangerous distraction.

I often say to myself, “either do it or quit talking about it.”

Start right now. Think about that.

The One Thing

The One Thing

Today’s mindset quote is at the core of everything that I teach, that I coach, that I mentor. Whether in business, life, relationships, health, spirituality, education, or life purpose, it doesn’t matter what you do, if you do not first, master your mindset.

To build a lasting business or anything else for that matter, you must first have to master your mindset. I am living proof, and I know this to be true. Every single time I’ve gotten my mind focused and correct, business and success, life and relationships have come toward me rather being something that I needed to chase after.

If you want to know how to get to your dream, focus right here.

A proper mindset provides clarity, focus, momentum, freedom, and overall enjoyment. For me, once I put this pursuit of a proper mindset at the top of the list, everything I do or touch has become infinitely easier.

Life is working for me rather than against me. I welcome you to try this first.

Think about that.

Reality of Being Self-Made

Reality of Being Self-Made

There is a common misconception that uber-successful entrepreneurs have some special gift or super power. Perhaps in a way they do, but it is not what you might think.

Successful entrepreneurs have two unique gifts: 1) They start, and 2) They do not quit.

Now that may sound ridiculously simple to you. At first, it certainly did to me. But then I began looking deeply at what common denominators exist for the people around me that always seem to be winning. Just getting started is 80% of any battle.

There comes a time where thinking has to be overtaken by action. And when you pair that with a mindset that you do not quit, and you allow yourself to fail forward, success will not be far away.

In essence, this is basic hard work. You find your topic and your voice, you develop what you have to say, and then you put it out in the marketplace.

This self-made process is how good ideas become great tools for your audience. With exceptional, meaningful value that is presented well, your audience will return early and often learn where to walk next—all based upon your vision and recommendations.

Will there be setbacks and struggles? Almost certainly.

Give yourself the room to work through those challenges. Your voice and your life are on the other side.

Think about that.

Being Present

Being Present

A common challenge for entrepreneurs like you and me is that we are often trying to deal with issues long before they are to us. For me, one of my long-time limitations is that I try to figure out solutions that are four and five steps down the road. This over analyzation results in my never taking step one. That is why the concept of being present—focused on the moment of now—is a fantastic skill to develop.

We know that there are issues that we cannot do anything about.

We know that there are past instances that are simply that—past.

And, we also know that there is the potential of issues, many of which will never come to pass, yet we often worry about them anyway.

Being present is the anecdote for all of the above.

By learning to focus on what is, you save yourself from wasting time fretting over the past. You also harness all of your creativity and problem solving into what lay before you, rather than what might happen. It is challenging, difficult, and often times down right hard. But intensely focused entrepreneurs must learn this small business Jedi trick.

Take Action:

To combat being focused on the wrong thing, I use the “3 Wins and a Struggle” method of journaling. Each day, before leaving my office, I write in the lower right corner of my journal. I share 3 Things that I did well that particular day. These items do not have to be “big,” they simply have to be something that I did particularly well that day. Then, I write 1 Thing that I feel I did not do as well with. I cannot repeat that one thing more than twice in any given month. If I do, it is no longer a weakness, but an accepted norm.

At the end of the year, I now have a list of over 1,000 I did well, and 365 things that I did not do as well. Every year, it is obvious and many things that originated on my “not so good” list, end up on my “well done” list before the end of the year.

I take time every year between Christmas and New Year’s Day to read through my accomplishments. This exercise gets me clear and focused for the coming season of success.