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You are in the best place in your life to start. Even though it may not feel like it, you are in the perfect spot to begin the journey to your success. Let’s face it. We all have droves of interests, distractions, and roadblocks that try to keep us from where we want to be. And as a result, we have to make a decision:


Are we to be defined by our goal or by our struggle?


For quite some time, I allowed myself to be defined by my struggle. I was habitually dogged by the, “I don’t have enough time,” mindset. I now know that viewpoint is a lie. I have all the time in the world. It is merely my priorities in how I use my time that needs work. I spent years making excuses and beating myself up over my path, rather than just taking action and focusing on my goal. Now, even on very busy days that are full of other business tasks, I make time for my goal—even if the smallest of steps, every day gets forward motion toward my goals. And when setbacks occur, they are no longer failures. Those setbacks are guiding lessons that get me one step closer to my goal.


Think about that.